Looking for an ATF compliant electronic inventory system for explosives?

Easy Bound Book® Explosives Pro is fast, user friendly and designed specifically for the explosives industry to enable you to manage your inventory and record keeping quickly, efficiently & accurately.

Easy Bound Book Explosives Pro
TNT Group Shot

Easy Bound Book Explosives Pro uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Why Microsoft?

It’s user-friendly, easily integrates with Microsoft office products, but most importantly, it’s built to be modified to meet the unique strengths and business models of our clients. Microsoft keeps up with both features and technological advancements.

ATF Compliant per Ruling 2007-1 – No Variance Needed

ATF Reports

  • Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions (DSMT)
  • Acquisitions from others & from Manufacturing
  • Dispositions to others, to Manufacturing & to Testing
  • Historical Detail Available by Day for Audits by Items, Magazines and Date-Shift or Lot Code
  • Inventory by Item, Magazine, Lot or Date-Shift
  • Adjustments for Inventory Discrepancies
  • Destructive Device Munitions FFL report
  • Destructive Device Munitions Removal report for NFR-TNR

Management Dashboards and Reports

  • Robust Inventory Control System for Explosives and Magazine Management
  • Extensive Management Reporting that Exceeds ATF required DSMTs, and A&D Reporting
  • Dashboard & Transaction Alert for Magazines Over Weight Limit
  • All Explosives Inventory in Stock
  • Easy Visibility of Each Explosive and Location
  • Quantity & Weight of Explosive by Item, Magazine, Date-Shift or Lot Code

Staff Benefits

  • Access Data on Mobile Devices or Desktop
  • Locate any Item in Any Magazine
  • Locate any Date-Shift Code or Lot in any Magazine
  • Move Explosives from One Magazine to Another
  • Store Documents with Item, Lot, or Transaction (E.G. Import Docs, Permits, Certificates)
  • Quick Access to All In-Stock (or Disposed) Inventory for Better Customer Experience
  • Export Data to Excel, Word, CSV, or PDF
  • Magazine Compatibility for Explosives
  • Single Entry Record Keeping for Destructive Devices
  • Track DOT Ref No., UN Ident. No., Explosive Class & Division for Each Item

Manufacturing Features

  • Dispose Multiple Explosives into Manufacturing Another Explosive (Tank Shells, Bombs, etc.)
  • Automatically Acquire Complex Items into Inventory
  • Store Manufacturing Documentation with the Acquisition
  • Acquire Manufactured Items Made from Inert Ingredients
  • Track Usage of Inert Ingredients


  • Fast, Accurate, and Easy-to-Use A&D Record-keeping
  • Built in Customer Order Management with Business
  • Built in Purchasing Management with Business
  • Used by Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers, and Permittees
  • Exceeds ATF Explosives Record-Keeping Requirements with Business Management Controls
  • Centralized Data – Works for Single or Multiple Locations
  • Designed with Input from our Clients, our Attorney (Mark Barnes), the IOIs and the ATF
  • Available as a Cloud Subscription or Purchase for Installation on Your Server
  • Personalize to Your Users’ Needs & User Responsibilities.

Ask About Integrating Explosives Pro with
Your Accounting and Manufacturing Software

Integrated with FFL Bound Book Firearms for dual-regulated items (like DD-Munitions) with serial numbers and/or lot codes for ATF Ruling 2016-5 using MIL-STD1168C and MIL-STD-130

“Easy Bound Book makes my life easier. It has streamlined my processes to utilize staff efforts more efficiently. I now know exactly where I am with inventory, manufacturing, and sales with a better ROI.”

— U.S. Defense Contractor