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CoreCivic Gets Flexible and Innovative ATF Recordkeeping

CoreCivic is committed to proper storage of and quick access to the firearms and less lethal tools that may be needed to maintain safety and security within a facility.

CoreCivic Safety is the nation’s leading provider of high-quality corrections and detention management.

CoreCivic is committed to proper storage of and quick access to the firearms and less lethal tools that may be needed to maintain safety and security within a facility. They were looking for a flexible and innovative ATF recordkeeping system; they found it in Easy Bound Book Pro.

“We better the public good by operating safe, secure facilities that provide high-quality service and effective reentry programs that enhance public safety.”

“With more than 40 years of experience, CoreCivic is the leading national provider of high-quality corrections management services. We have the scale and expertise to solve the tough challenges facing government at all levels. We understand the needs of government are unique. Therefore, our solutions have to be flexible and innovative.”

Core Civic

ATF Record Keeping Needs Identified

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CoreCivic knew their Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms (ATF) record keeping needed to be spot on. The ATF requires companies to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and a Federal Explosives License (FEL), and CoreCivic has a nationwide footprint with dozens of locations where licensed items are stored and maintained.

CoreCivic focused their efforts on finding an innovative ATF recordkeeping system. Because of CoreCivic’s size and breadth, a need existed to maintain a consolidated electronic solution so that centralized monitoring could occur, and each location where licensed materials were stored and used could track inventory and other key data metrics.

CoreCivic’s goal was to locate a system that would provide control, consistency, and transparency while delivering facility-specific records for ATF audits.

CoreCivic turned to Ron Ketterling, President of Business Automation Specialists (BASM). Ron’s company developed Easy Bound Book, an electronic ATF compliant software system for firearms and explosives.

ATF Record Keeping Moves to Easy Bound Book

Easy Bound Book Pro

CoreCivic met with Ron to discuss how using an electronic bound book system could simplify their ATF audit process. Ron explained how the Easy Bound Book Pro system could resolve the complexity of tracking items, including Destructive Device Munitions (DD-Ms), which previously resulted in duplication of recordkeeping, by tracking both firearms and explosive records with one single entry. They decided to implement both the firearms and explosives Easy Bound Book Pro systems. Doing so, however, would require interface with the ATF to work through challenges of CoreCivic’s unique business.

With Ron’s assistance and the ATF’s guidance, CoreCivic facilitated simplification of the ATF audit process with implementation of . Easy Bound Book products.  Easy Bound products were used by other licensees, and the ATF officials believed the system would work. CoreCivic began the process of implementation.

“I can’t say enough about the support we received and how helpful and easy BASM is to work with as a business partner. The quality of their service is reflected in the quality of their product.”

Elliot Garcia, Armory Coordinator, CoreCivic Safety

Easy Bound Book Implementation Went Well

CoreCivic began the process of developing procedures and training schedules for their staff across all of their locations. Each facility needed to understand the requirements of ATF regulations and corporate governance.

BASM took on the responsibility to import all the inventory data into both the firearms and explosives software programs. They helped move firearms and explosives records from various sources to the new system.

This included homogenizing all firearms and explosives descriptions to be accurate and consistent in all facilities. It also included the precise identification of firearms. Each firearm or explosive was now identified with the proper manufacturer, model, caliber, type, serial number, date shift code, and net explosive weight.

“The implementation went extremely well. BASM went above and beyond by inputting our starting inventory from our facilities. What impressed me most was the ease and use of Easy Bound Book… The support from BASM has been exceptional. They knocked it out of the park!”

Elliot Garcia

Customized Training for 80-Plus Users Was “Exceptional”

Custom Training

The next step in the process was training the 80-plus users. “For buy-in by our staff, it was important to help them understand the ‘why’ of implementing an electronic bound book solution,” added Don. “The BASM staff was very patient, and the training was exceptional.”

As is BASM’s standard practice, they provided CoreCivic with a customized video-based training system with coursework for new Armorers. The program included video training from Mark Barnes, CoreCivic’s external legal counsel on regulatory requirements and Ron and Fran Bistodeau on the operation of Easy Bound Book Pro. All training was recorded and edited to become the core training program for new staff. Turnover is a natural occurrence when you have 80-90 users across multiple locations. The recordings ensure the training is consistent and expedites onboarding.

The armory staff, who manage most of the daily entries into Easy Bound Book Pro, are now huge fans. The system is easy to learn, use, and logical. The staff also appreciates the newly implemented process of recording firearms and explosives in one ledger, rather than two.

“There were several huge added and unexpected benefits of implementing Easy Bound Book Pro. The system comes with an electronic document storage feature… Electronic document storage makes it easy for all the locations to access all the documents all the time. And the updates and maintenance on Easy Bound Book Pro are resolved in hours, not days, thanks to BASM’s team.“

Don Stewart, Senior Director of Security Operations and Intelligence, CoreCivic Safety

Elliott added, “Easy Bound Book also lets us track our internal records. Our internal procedures require us to track staff training and transportation items. We can now do it all in Easy Bound Book Pro.”

Final Solution: Accurate ATF Recordkeeping for Firearms and Explosives

The final resolution? All explosives are monitored and tracked as they move through the facilities. CoreCivic’s Compliance department can review every one of the hundreds of magazines across dozens of facilities, from anywhere at any time.

They can use the inventory reconciliation module to quickly and easily check a firearms or explosives record for accuracy.

CoreCivic can view records in any location to comply with the annual inventory count required by the ATF. In addition, internal reviews are available to CoreCivic, so they can ensure they are ready for ATF audits.

“Working with BASM feels more like a partnership. Every step of working with them has been a WOW moment. They have been consistent since the start of this process over two and a half years ago. You don’t get that level of service from a normal vendor. BASM feels like an extension of the CoreCivic team.”

Don Stewart, Senior Director of Security Operations and Intelligence, CoreCivic Safety

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