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FFL Software for ATF Compliance

Firearms Acquisition & Disposition FFL Software

“With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using spreadsheets just wasn’t going to work much longer.”

– Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace

Easy Bound Book products address your opportunities and challenges.

Our FFL software products are ATF Rule 2016-1 & 2021R-05F compliant. All features, functions and reports help provide ATF compliance for the highly regulated firearms industry.

Manufacturers, Importers & Dealers all benefit from using Easy Bound Book products.

Our proprietary FFL bound book software uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform to create a user-friendly and scalable software tool.

  • Are you interested in expanding your product line or locations, offer specialty services, or obtain another FFL?
  • Do you use separate systems to track your ATF compliance and your business transactions?
  • Do you want to streamline your processes to buy back some time?
  • Did you know you could embed your A&D transactions into your accounting system?

If YES, then Easy Bound Book products are for you!

ERP with Built-In FFL Bound Books:

Stand Alone FFL Bound Books products:

Easy Bound Book ATF Compliance Software for Firearms

Easy Bound Book® ERP + Manufacturing (ERP + MFG) combines your ATF compliance transactions, ERP system, and manufacturing processes all in one. ERP + MFG uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Automatically create your A&D transactions when you manufacture, convert or buy & sell ATF regulated items.… MORE

Easy Bound Book® ERP (EBB ERP) integrates your ATF compliance transactions and ERP system all in one. EBB ERP uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Automatically create your A&D transactions when you buy, sell, return to a vendor or take returns from customers.… MORE

Easy Bound Book Pro (EBB Pro) – an effective ATF compliant software with enhanced reporting and inventory features. EBB Pro uses the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

It’s user-friendly, easily integrates with Microsoft office products, and most importantly, it’s built to be modified to meet the unique strengths and business models of… MORE

Easy Bound Book® Lite (EBB Lite) is the ideal solution for any FFL looking to ensure your electronic A&D transactions are recorded correctly and easily accessible.

EBB Lite is our proprietary software and uses a secure domestic cloud-based server. It offers unlimited record capacity, and is user-friendly… MORE


  • Easy Bound Book ERP

    All in One ATF Bound Book and ERP


    Why should you consider moving to Easy Bound Book®ERP? Many responsible parties are looking for better, more all-encompassing compliance management and Easy Bound Book ERP offers that.


  • Bound Book Best Practices

    Best Practice for Changing to a New ATF Bound Book

    , ,

    ATF Headquarters has taken the position that there is only one proper way to forward disposition firearms from a bound book, like paper, to a new bound book system, like Easy Bound Book®. This is the process to move from one ATF bound book to another, based on our interpretation of what we read in…


  • Top Quality in your Electronic Bound Book

    , ,

    We have been actively involved in the firearms compliance arena for 16 years. We have seen a lot of strange things during that time and heard a lot of strange beliefs regarding ATF record-keeping.  Here are a few tips from our President, Ron Ketterling to help you with your electronic bound book compliance. 1. Be…


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