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ATF Compliance Add-ons & Apps

Add-Ons & Apps for Easy Bound Book

At BASM our goal is to help our customers maintain ATF compliance while improving efficiency and profitability.

We’ve created Add-Ons and offer Third Party products to ensure you have access to the best tools for your business.

To ensure our products meet or exceed ATF standards, we confer with the ATF as well as our legal counsel, Mark Barnes. We’ve done the work to ensure the Easy Bound Book products are up to the task

Reach out and let us know what questions you have. We’ve want you to have the best products working for you, so you can do your best.

In 2020, 60% of the top ten violations found during an audit were related to the ATF form 4473.

1. Failure to maintain an accurate/complete/timely acquisition and disposition
(A&D) record of firearms.
2. Failure to obtain a completed ATF 4473.
3. Failure to complete forms as prescribed

The BASM Solution: Create an e4473 with built-in Alerts & Safeguards and integrate it into our Easy Bound Book software!

By using the Easy e4473 the work is done once and automatically logged in your Bound Book.

Expand your customer base with the integrated GunBroker Add-On for use with the Easy Bound Book ERP OR ERP + MFG products.

How does the GunBroker Add-On work?

  • An order is received – an open sales order is created
  • EBB identifies the customer & SO as originating from GunBroker
  • Once the order is entered, the system updates the FFL
  • The order is held until the FFL shipping information is added

Customers are kept informed of the status of their order as it moves through the system. Yes, it’s that Easy!!

Third Party Apps

Inventory and warehouse managers often find themselves battling inefficient operations due to inaccurate warehouse transactions and time-consuming manual tracking. With Warehouse Insight, this is now a thing of the past…MORE

Streamline tedious and error-prone shipping tasks by seamlessly integrating Dynamic Ship™ into your Dynamics 365 Business Central system. Shop floor employees will reduce manual entry errors by scanning packages directly into Dynamics…MORE

Shop Floor Insight is a Manufacturing Execution System add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that significantly reduces the labor costs and entry errors associated with manual data entry by using barcode scanners…MORE

MxAPS Advanced Finite Capacity Scheduling from Insight Works transforms production planning and scheduling from an inaccurate and time-consuming task into a responsive, repeatable, and highly accurate decision support activity…MORE

Simplify inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting and analysis tools. Advanced Inventory Count enables inventory managers to simplify inventory and cycle counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools…MORE

Say hello to Product Configurator from Insight Works – a light-weight add-on for Dynamics 365 Business Central that significantly simplifies the creation of production Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Routings, or Assembly BOMs, making Quote and Order generation more efficient…MORE

With Graphical Scheduler from Insight Works, you’ll easily visualize exactly what work is scheduled at each workstation enabling production managers and employees to view and manage production scheduling more effectively…MORE

The license-free shipping app for anyone shipping parcels via UPS or USPS. For US-based businesses who primarily ship parcels via UPS or USPS, the Order Ship Express app from Insight Works is tailor-made for you. Manage all of your shipping details from Business Central, including real-time shipping rates based on carrier, service, and delivery options…MORE

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