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ATF Explosives Software For FEL Compliance

How Do You Manage Your Explosives Inventory?

“With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using spreadsheets just wasn’t going to work much longer.”

Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace

Easily with Easy Bound Book Explosives!

ATF Ruling 2007-1 Compliant

Explosives Inventory Control Software that’s user-friendly, fast, accurate, and ATF Ruling 2007-1 compliant.

Whether you’re a Manufacturer, Importer, Dealer, or Permittee, Easy Bound Book Explosives products allow you to manage your inventory and record-keeping from your office, at the magazine, or in the field.

Easy Bound Book Explosives products use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Explosives Manufacturers

Explosives Importers & Dealers

Explosives Permittees

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