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Easy Bound Book® Firearms Product Comparison

FFL Bound Book Software for Your Firearms Business

Easy Bound Book is the original ATF-compliant FFL bound book software. We offer a full set of electronic bound book solutions from standalone to a complete ERP accounting software with embedded automated A&D processing. You choose which bound book functions work best for you and can migrate upward as you grow. Whether you are a manufacturer, importer, dealer, or defense contractor, we have a product that matches your needs.

  • 2016-1 ATF Compliant A&D Software
  • Unlimited transactions – NO per transaction fee
  • ATF EZ Check Integration
  • ATF Compliant reporting
  • Flexible filtering options
  • Open Firearm Inventory Report
  • Supports NFA Items
  • Optional Electronic 4473 and NICS Integration

Cloud-Based, Secure
Domestic Server

Starting at $30/month

Lite Features +

  • Automatic Frame/Receiver to Firearm conversion
  • Excise Tax Calculation Report
  • AFMER Report
  • Barcode Labels
  • Shipping Manifest
  • Document Storage
  • Book to Physical inventory Reconciliation
  • Advanced Reporting options

Starting at $150/month

Pro Features +

  • A&D transactions are automatically recorded with your standard business transactions.
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • Accounting and Financials

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP platform

Starting at $395/month

ERP Features +

  • Bills of Materials
  • Routings
  • Work Centers and Machine Centers
  • Version Tracking
  • Work Orders
  • Subcontract tracking
  • Production Planning

Built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
ERP + MFG platform

Starting at $495/month

Dive Into the Details


Dashboard Shows Status of Bound Book TransactionsXXXX
Establish Special User Permissions for ATF Regulated TransactionsXXXX
Ability to Track Multiple FFLs in the Same Software InstallationXXX
Installed on Your Computer or ServerXXX

A&D Transactions

Auto-Convert – Dispose of Receiver and Acquire Firearm in One TransactionXX
Ability to Track Multiple FFLs in the Same Software InstallationXXX
Cut and Paste Data EntryXXX
Document Management LinkingXXX
Establish Unique ‘User Permissions’ for ATF Regulated TransactionsXXX
Import DataXXX
Included FFL Information for Customers, Ship-to and VendorsXXX
Inventory Reconciliation for Mock or ATF AuditsXXX
Packing List Includes all ATF Bound Book InformationXXX
Print Disposition Packing ListXXX
Serial Number ManagementXXX
Set Constructive Selling Price by ItemXXX
Disposition Created When Sales Order is ShippedXX
Acquisition Created When Purchase Orders are ReceivedXX
Establish Rules on Items to Stop Sale to States with RestrictionsXX


Late Acquisition or Disposition Entry AlertXXXX
Dashboard – View of Critical Information & Time-Sensitive TasksXXXX
FFL Expiry AlertXXXX
Quantities Exceed Approved ATF Form 6 & 6a – Importers AlertXX


Data Input – Scan Barcodes or ManuallyXXXX
Create Item TagsXXX
Item Cards – Upload Pictures toXXX
Location Management (Where is the Firearm Located on Your Premises)XXX
Print Product LabelsXXX
Print Serial Number / UPC LabelsXXX
Print Trigger TagsXXX
Acquisition & Disposition Created When Items are Transferred Between LocationsXX
Acquisition Created When Importing FirearmsXX
Complete Business Inventory TrackingXX
Purchase OrdersXX

Payables & Receivables

Purchase PlanningXX
Write ChecksXX


Cash ManagementXX
ERP – Accounting & Inventory ManagementXX
Notifications for Over Credit Limit, Late Payments & Notice for Customers & VendorsXX
Sales OrdersXX

Firearms Excise Tax

Track Imported Firearm QuantitiesXXXX
FAET TrackingXXX
Set FAET Rate by Specific Type of Firearm SoldXXX
Track Business Use ItemsXXX
Track Customer ReturnsXXX
Federal Excise Tax (FET) Tracking and Reporting with Calculated TaxXXX
Track Customer Type to Remove Eligible Transactions From Taxable SalesXXX
Track Exported Items to Remove From Taxable SalesXXX
Track FFL Information on All Regulated Purchases & SalesXXX


Assembly OrdersXX
Acquisitions & Dispositions Created During Manufacturing ProcessesX
Purchase Order Includes Serial Numbers Tied to SubcontractorX
User Controls Which Manufacturing Step To Require SerializationX
Bill of Material – Includes other BOMs, Resources or ItemsX
Bill of Material, Routing and Manufacturing ProcessingX
ERP Function and Reporting During Manufacturing Process and Subcontract ManufacturingX
Machine, Resource and Capacity Planning for ManufacturingX
Manufacturing PlanningX
Manufacturing Routing – Includes Work Centers, Machines and Subcontract operationsX
Manage Sub-Contract Manufacturing Processes; Including Serialized Items – User can see what serial numbers left, came back or disappeared and automatically records these transactions in the Bound BookX


FFL Bound Book Can Be Printed, Saved as a PDF, Downloaded to Excel or a Word Document for LEO, ATF or Your Own UseXXXX
ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound BookXXXX
Inventory Report – Open AcquisitionsXXXX
LEO and ATF Trace Requests Can Be Printed or Emailed; Notes Field Provided to Track ResponseXXXX
NFA Acquisitions and DispositionsXXXX
Print User Defined Bound Book E.G. by; Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, As of Date, Etc.XXXX
Federal Excise Tax (FET) Tracking and Reporting with Calculated TaxXXX
Shipping Manifest Includes all ATF Bound Book Information –  Items are Listed Line by LineXXX
Customer Sales Report Sort/Filter by a Defined PeriodXXX
Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation (AFMER) Report; Used for Annual FilingXX
Accounts Payable – Current & AgedXX
Accounts Receivable – Current & AgedXX
Financial Statements – Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss, Cash FlowXX
Report Constructive Selling Price by Actual SalesXX
Run Manufacturing Production OrdersX


Easy e4473 IntegrationOOOO
NICS IntegrationOOOO
Document Management – Add any Document to a TransactionOOO
Installed on Your Computer or ServerOOO
Credit Card ProcessingOO
Time and Data Collection on the Shop FloorO

Which Easy Bound Book Product Is Right For YOU?

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