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Easy Bound Book® Lite

Looking For an Effective FFL Logbook and Reporting Solution?

“We enter 1000 transactions a day in Easy Bound Book. With this volume, every minute counts, and with Easy Bound Book we are easily saving several hours a week”

Carmen – Matrix Aerospace

Easy Bound Book® Lite does the heavy lifting.

Move off your manual bound book or spreadsheet and move on with the easiest yet effective, electronic FFL logbook around.

The ideal solution to ensure your A&D transactions are recorded correctly and easily accessible.

Increase your productivity. Put Easy Bound Book Lite to work for you, covering all your ATF compliance and reporting needs.

The Easy Bound Book Lite Dashboard displays the critical information you need to make informed decisions.

  • Built-in Alerts – Receive an alert when:
    • Your A&D transactions deadline for completion is near.
    • A multi-gun form is needed.
  • Print a copy of your bound book or convert it to a PDF and send it electronically.

OPTIONAL Features:

  • Integrated Easy e4473
  • NICS Integration

Easy Bound Book® Lite uses a secure domestic cloud-based server, has unlimited record capacity, and is user-friendly.

Easy Bound Book Lite Features and Reports

Easy Bound Book Lite Demo

ATF Compliance

Fully ATF Compliant for Ruling 2016-1, 2016-3, 2011-1, & 2021R-05F
Automated Backup Emailed Daily*
Secure Domestic Cloud Based Server

A&D Transactions

“Undo” Function for Acquisition & Disposition Errors
Edited A&D Records Maintain a Full Audit Trail
Export Data From Bound Book to Excel
EZCheck Button – Use for Acquisitions, Dispositions, Vendors and Customers
Filter FFL Log Book by Firearm Type, Manufacturer, Model or Caliber
Generate Serial Number Range for Acquisitions and Dispositions
Data Input – Scan Barcodes or Manually
Item Card Includes Special ATF Identification Fields
Quick Glimpse of Open Acquisitions
Separate Gunsmith Log
Sort/Filter Acquisitions & Dispositions
Track NFA Item
Track Pre-1968 Non-Serialized Firearms
Unlimited Records Capacity
User Notes Field for All Transactions
Auto Creates & Completes ATF Form 3310.4 to Report Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers (Multi-gun)
Dashboard Shows Status of Bound Book Transactions

Built-in Alerts

Alert – Late Acquisition or Disposition Entry
Dashboard – View of Critical Information & Time-Sensitive Tasks
Alert – Multi-Gun


Bound Book Can Be Printed, Saved as a PDF, Downloaded to Excel for ATF or Your Own Use
ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book
Inventory Report – Open Acquisitions
LEO and ATF Trace Requests Can Be Printed or Emailed
NFA Acquisitions and Dispositions
Print User Defined Bound Book E.G. by; Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, As of Date, Etc.


Integrated Easy e4473 Add-on – Click HERE to learn more
NICS Integration

Let Easy Bound Book Lite Do Your Heavy Lifting?

See Product in Action Photos

Dashboard of Critical Information

Easily Generate PDF or Printed Bound Book

Automatically Fill Report of Multiple Sales

Cloud Based – Pricing Includes

Software, Training, Upgrades, Software Maintenance, and Help Desk Support.


$30 per month – per named user
if paid annually by credit card


$39 per month – per named user
if paid monthly by credit card

Manufacturer or Importer

$50 per month – per named user
if paid annually by credit card


$59 per month – per named user
if paid monthly by credit card

Sales Tax is not included. Prices based on remote training and support.
On-site services are subject to an additional charge.

Setup & End User Training


  • Easy Bound Book Lite Software
  • Users



  • Company Information
  • Customers, Vendors, & Items
  • Manufacturers, Model, Caliber, & Type


  • Backup procedures
  • FFL administration

A&D Transactions

  • Acquisitions: Vendor, trade in and gunsmith
  • Dispositions: Customer, return to vendor, return to customer, destroy and stolen
  • Bound Book edits and corrections


  • Bound Book production
  • LEO and ATF Trace Requests
  • Lookups

Help Desk Support

  • Helpdesk Support is provided for questions related to the use of the software based on the training provided in the Easy Bound Book course.
  • Support tools include Website Submissions; Email; Telephone; and Remote Support via the Internet
  • Live support hours are 8am – 4:30pm Central Time
  • After hours emergency support is available at afterhours rates
  • Support for hardware and operating system problems is available at an additional charge

Required Hardware, Operating System and other Requirements

  • Compatible Browser – Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Backup device (external hard drive, CD/DVD writer or flash drive)
  • Printer 

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