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Easy Bound Book® Pro

Complete ATF Compliance, Enhanced Reporting, & Inventory Control

“With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using spreadsheets just wasn’t going to work much longer.”

– Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace

The BEST ATF compliant stand-alone software
is Easy Bound Book Pro

PRO is a high-level A&D bound book with enhanced reporting and inventory features, designed for all business types and models.

Easy Bound Book Pro was built by seamlessly integrating our proprietary ATF complaint software into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

Why Business Central?

  • It’s user-friendly
  • Built to provide a base to easily integrate with other APPS and Add-Ons.
  • Allows for seamless integration of our proprietary ATF compliant software, providing our clients’ a superior ATF compliant and business process software solution.

With Pro you can:

  • Establish Special User Permissions to protect the integrity of your data
  • Conduct your own mock audits
  • Produce shipping manifests that include all specifications for each firearm & include a UPC barcode
  • Convert a receiver to a firearm in one step
  • Receive Multi-Gun alerts
  • Sort, and filter your A&D transactions by firearm type, model, caliber, manufacturer.

ATF Compliance

ATF Ruling 2016-1 Compliant
ATF Ruling 2021R-05F Compliant

A&D Transactions

“Undo” Function for Acquisition & Disposition Errors
Edited A&D Records Maintain a Full Audit Trail
Export Data From Bound Book to Excel
EZCheck Button – Use for Acquisitions, Dispositions, Vendors and Customers
Filter/Sort Single FFL Log Book by Firearm Type, Manufacturer, Model or Caliber
Generate Serial Number Range for Acquisitions and Dispositions
Item Card Includes Special ATF Identification Fields
Quick Glimpse of Open Acquisitions
Separate Gunsmith Log
Sort/Filter Acquisitions & Dispositions
Track Marking Variances
Track NFA Item
Track Pre-1968 Non-Serialized Firearms
Unlimited Records Capacity
User Notes Field for All Transactions
Ability to Track Multiple FFLs in the Same Software Installation (ATF Variance Required)
Auto-Convert – Dispose of Receiver and Acquire Firearm in One Transaction
Cut and Paste Data Entry
Document Management Linking
Establish Unique ‘User Permissions’ for ATF Regulated Transactions
Import Data
Included FFL Information for Customers, Ship-to and Vendors
Inventory Reconciliation for Mock or ATF Audits
Packing List Includes all ATF Bound Book Information
Print Disposition Packing List
Serial Number Management
Set Constructive Selling Price by Item
Manage Serial Numbers – Control items to require serial numbers for the item and process step
Track Serial Number to Variances – Prevents Acquisition if Not In Specified Range
Dashboard Shows Status of Bound Book Transactions

Built-in Alerts

Alert – Late Acquisition or Disposition Entry
Dashboard – View of Critical Information & Time-Sensitive Tasks
Alert – Multi-Gun
FFL Expiry Alert


Data Input – Scan Barcodes or Manually
Create Item Tags
Item Cards – Upload Pictures to
Location Management (Where is the Firearm Located on Your Premises)
Print Product Labels
Print Serial Number /UPC Labels
Print Trigger Tags

Firearms Excise Tax

Track Imported Firearm Quantities
FAET Tracking
Set FAET Rate by Specific Type of Firearm Sold
Track Business Use Items
Track Customer Returns
Track Customer Type to Remove Eligible Transactions From Taxable Sales
Track Exported Items to Remove From Taxable Sales
Federal Excise Tax (FET) Tracking and Reporting with Calculated Tax


Federal Excise Tax (FET) Tracking and Reporting with Calculated Tax
Bound Book Can Be Printed, Saved as a PDF, Downloaded to Excel or a Word Document for LEO, ATF or Your Own Use
ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book
Inventory Report – Open Acquisitions
LEO and ATF Trace Requests Can Be Printed or Emailed; Notes Field Provided to Track Response
NFA Acquisitions and Dispositions
Print User Defined Bound Book E.G. by; Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, As of Date, Etc.
Shipping Manifest Includes all ATF Bound Book Information –  Items are Listed Line by Line
Customer Sales Report Sort/Filter by a Defined Period
Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation (AFMER) Report; Used for Annual Filing


Installed on Your Computer or Server
Integrated Easy e4473 Add-on – Click HERE to learn more
NICS Integration
Document Management – Add any Document to a Transaction

Are you ready to see how EASY Pro is??

Easy Bound Book Pro Screenshots

Click images to enlarge

Dashboard of Critical Information

Easily Generate PDF or Printed Bound Book

Document Management

Firearm Master

Pricing Includes

Cloud Based – Includes 1 Named User

$150* per month ~ Each additional user $100* per month
* Prepay 11 months and get one FREE!

  • Software
  • Training
  • Upgrades & Software Maintenance
  • Unlimited Help Desk Support

Purchase – Includes 1 Named User

  • Software – $4,900
  • Training – $2,340
  • Upgrades, Software Maintenance & Unlimited Help Desk Support – $1,470*

* Required 1st year, renewal optional

Sales Tax is not included. Prices based on remote training and support.
On-site services are subject to an additional charge.

Setup & End User Training


  • Easy Bound Book Pro Software
  • Users



  • Company Information
  • Users & Permissions
  • Customers, Vendors, Items
  • Manufacturers, Model, Caliber & Type

A&D Transactions

  • Acquisitions: trade-in, repair, gun smith
  • Dispositions: return to vendor, return to customer, destroy, stolen, to gun smith
  • Bound Book edits & corrections
  • Converts receiver serial number to rifle or pistol serial number


  • Backup procedures
  • FFL administration


  • Bound Book production
  • LEO & ATF Trace Requests
  • Lookups
  • Serial Manifest
  • UPC & Barcode Labels
  • FAET

Help Desk Support

  • Help Desk Support is provided for questions related to the use of the software based on the training provided
  • Support tools include: Website Submissions; Email; Telephone; and Remote Support via the Internet
  • Live support hours are 8am – 4:30pm Central Time
  • After hours emergency support is available at afterhours rates
  • Support for hardware and operating system problems is available at an additional charge

Required Hardware, Operating System and other Requirements

Cloud Requirements

  • Compatible Browser – Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Backup device (external hard drive, CD/DVD writer or tape-backup)
  • Printer

On Premises Requirements – Server/Individual PC

  • Windows 10 or Newer, Windows Server 2019 or newer
  • Hard disk space: Minimum 2 GB
  • Memory: Minimum 2 GB, more is better

Other Requirements

  • Compatible Browser – Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox
  • High Speed Internet access
  • Backup device (external hard drive, CD/DVD writer or tape-backup)
  • Printer

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Are you READY to put Easy Bound book to work for YOU?

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