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Core Civic

CoreCivic Gets Flexible and Innovative ATF Recordkeeping

CoreCivic is committed to proper storage of and quick access to the firearms and less lethal tools that may be needed to maintain safety and security within a facility. CoreCivic Safety is the nation’s leading provider of high-quality corrections and detention management. CoreCivic is committed to proper storage of and quick access to the firearms […]

Automated ATF Record Keeping for Firearms Manufacturing

Invested in Automated ATF Record Keeping Matrix Aerospace partners with aerospace, military, firearms and commercial customers to usher in a new generation of technology. They invested heavily in the latest manufacturing equipment available for their firearms division, so they knew automating their ATF record keeping system was a must. “With increased production, we needed a […]

CGS Finds ATF Bound Book Built Into ERP

CGS Group LLC (CGS) is a small but mighty team of the world’s brightest and best Machinists, Gunsmiths, Designers, and Engineers. “What drives us? Total domination of our market by building the best firearm equipment available, period. No tricks, no gimmicks.” CGS approached the start of their business in 2014 with an eye on the […]

Replace QuickBooks with ERP & Embedded Bound Book

Replaced QuickBooks Small Arms Technologies chose Easy Bound Book ERP (EBB ERP), allowing them to replace QuickBooks to combine their accounting transactions and bound book entries. They wanted to move to an ERP specifically created for gun manufacturers and distributors. ERP with Built-In Bound Book After their last ATF audit, Small Arms Technologies realized their […]

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