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Replace QuickBooks with ERP & Embedded Bound Book

Case Study
Easy Bound Book ERP

The Company

Small Arms Technologies

The Problem:

Handwritten bound books were taking up a lot of time and resources to maintain.

The Solution:

Small Arms Technologies chose Easy Bound Book ERP, allowing them to replace QuickBooks to combine their accounting transactions and bound book entries. They wanted to move to an ERP specifically created for gun manufacturers and distributors.

Replaced QuickBooks

Small Arms Technologies chose Easy Bound Book ERP (EBB ERP), allowing them to replace QuickBooks to combine their accounting transactions and bound book entries. They wanted to move to an ERP specifically created for gun manufacturers and distributors.

ERP with Built-In Bound Book

After their last ATF audit, Small Arms Technologies realized their time-consuming handwritten bound book was unreliable for keeping track of their dispositions and imports. They were looking for an ERP system with electronic bound book transactions embedded and allowed them to replace QuickBooks. While researching options, Easy Bound Book® was consistently at the top of the list.

“Small Arms Technologies is a company dedicated to the innovative use of new technology in materials, metal alloys, coatings and designs to produce firearms. We don’t cut corners in anything we do.”

Looking to Replace Manual Bound Books

Clayton Houston, President of Small Arms, was talking with Blaine at Atlantic Firearms about the amount of work it was taking to maintain handwritten bound books. Blaine shared they converted to Easy Bound Book® ERP (EBB ERP) for similar reasons. He stated that he chose to work with Ron Ketterling, the President of Business Automation Specialists (BASM), and founder of the Easy Bound Book products because of the quality of the products and the high level of service.

Easy Bound Book ERP is an ERP solution with a bound book embedded into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central platform.

“With Easy Bound Book ERP, the BASM team customized features unique for our business. The solid Business Central platform, with embedded bound book, allows us to incorporate all of our business processes into one software program.”

Blaine Bunting, CEO at Atlantic Firearms

According to the company accountant, Dorrie Kolster, the deciding factors were, “The ease in using EBB ERP, and the confidence that our bound book was up to date after we shipped out and invoiced.”

Moved from Manual Bound Books with Ease

Small Arms Technologies transferred several years’ worth of historical data into their new Easy Bound Book system. This provided for accurate accounting and smooth audits going forward. Dorrie recalled her boss saying, “I can’t believe we didn’t realize we needed to do this sooner.” 

“It’s been a great change for us,” Dorrie shared. “I’ve done system transfers in the past. It always take some work getting everything transferred over initially, however, going forward, everything is seamless. Day to day transactions are much easier to invoice and ship out. We always know that our records are correct, and entries are complete.”

“The other benefits include the “search” and “in-stock features”. The search feature allows us to find a specific transaction. We search by the serial number or the entity to whom the gun was disposed. The filter option provides us a list of available inventories that we use to verify our physical inventory.”

Customized Training

“All of the customized training was done via remote sessions and recorded for later reference,” Dorrie stated. “Customer Service at Business Automation Specialists is great. If I made a mistake that I couldn’t correct, the support person logged on, fixed it, and recorded the session for me to use later. We have no regrets except that we didn’t make the change sooner.”

If you’re scared of the change, just make It!! We didn’t realize how much of a necessity an electronic bound book was for our business. I’m so glad we made the change.”

Do you want to replace your QuickBooks with an ERP that has an embedded ATF bound book?

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