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Easy Bound Book Pro

Easy Bound Book Pro Saves Me 2-6 Hours A Day

Once the system was installed and we entered all the data from our manual bound book, I realized Easy Bound Book Pro easily saves me 2-6 hours per day (depending on that day’s shipments) on data entry. Using the system is easy and streamlines the entire process. The system is so much better during ATF […]

Streamlined Our Bound Book

Here’s what Carmen Pinsonault, Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace, said after her company choose to implement Easy Bound Book PRO to automate their ATF bound book process. With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using […]

Easy Bound Book Pro Is Worth Every Penny

Easy Bound Book Pro (EBB Pro) is worth every penny! We don’t look at Excel anymore, instead, we track everything in EBB Pro. The accuracy and time savings free us up to get more work done rather than manually tracking our data. The system is easy to use and only requires someone who has basic […]

Easy Bound Book Pro Is Much More Than I Expected

I can really see how Easy Bound Book Pro will improve my ability to manage processes; it’s so much more than what I expected it to be. – Aaron Howe – Director of Operations – Dillon

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