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Easy Bound Book Pro Saves Me 2-6 Hours A Day

Once the system was installed and we entered all the data from our manual bound book, I realized Easy Bound Book Pro easily saves me 2-6 hours per day (depending on that day’s shipments) on data entry.

Using the system is easy and streamlines the entire process. The system is so much better during ATF audits than our manual bound book system was. It simplifies the process for both us and the auditors saving time for everyone. It is much easier to print the auditors a report versus handing them a bunch of binders .

As long as you enter the initial data correctly, everything else flows smoothly.

I really like the fact that you can enter accounts, vendors, and customers once, then pull them up with a few clicks to associate them to a transaction. We’ve eliminate a lot of errors that happened with our handwritten system because all dispositions are tied to the serial number.

It’s easy to use and we are very excited that we have it in place now.

— Ashley Loy – Director of Compliance – Taylor’s & Company

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