Looking for the best low cost ATF bound book software?

Easy Bound Book® Lite is the ideal solution for your essential compliance needs, while providing you with an unlimited number of records. Easy Bound Book™ Lite is low cost ATF bound book software that gives you everything you need to keep your required ATF record keeping electronically.
Get unparalleled accuracy and speed, quickly and accurately keeping your book while eliminating wasted time and energy. Easy Bound Book, a cloud-based bound book application, gives you control over your Bound Book like nothing else can. Tame your Bound Book nightmare and sleep well at night.

Top Features

  • From $30 per month
  • No record limits
  • Essential compliance and reporting needs
  • ATF Ruling 2016-1, 2016-3, & 2011-1 – fully compliant
  • Cloud-based
  • Dashboard of critical information
  • Safe and Secure
  • See time-sensitive tasks
  • Quick view of open acquisitions
  • Auto-fill of Multi-gun form 3310.4 (optional)
  • EZCheck button
  • Easy, fast searches for Trace Requests
  • Barcode data input
  • Barcode data input
  • Filter your Acquisition or Dispositions to produce a list of firearms by manufacturer, model, caliber or any other combination you want.
  • Edit records easily and maintain a full audit trail for the ATF
  • Track Marking Variances
  • Automatically generate serial number range for Acquisition or Disposition
  • Undo Accidental Acquisitions of Dispositions
  • Maintain separate Gunsmith log
  • Single or Multi-user

Quick Video Demo

“ATF record keeping saw a huge improvement in accuracy since implementing Easy Bound Book. Personnel also experienced peace of mind.”-U.S. Defense Contractor

“We enter 1000 transactions a day in Easy Bound Book” said Carmen. “With this volume, every minute counts, and with Easy Bound Book we are easily saving several hours a week”

“Once the system was installed and we had entered all of the data from our manual bound book, Easy Bound Book easily saves me 2-6 hours per day (depending on that day’s shipments) on data entry. Using the system is easy and streamlines the entire process.”-Ashley Loy, Taylor & Co. Inc., ATF Records Keeper