Looking for an Effective ATF Compliant Bound Book and Reporting Solution?

Easy Bound Book® Lite is the ideal solution for any FFL, size, or type. Are you looking to ensure your electronic A&D transactions are recorded correctly and easily accessible? Easy Bound Book Lite was designed to do just that. Lite uses a secure domestic cloud-based server, has unlimited record capacity, and is user-friendly.

Easy Bound Book Lite’s Dashboard displays the critical information you need to make informed decisions. Built-in alerts help you stay up to date with ATF recording and reporting requirements. Be alerted when a multi-gun form is needed and when your A&D transactions are nearing their deadline for completion. Easily print a copy of your bound book or convert it to a PDF and send it electronically. Increase your productivity by relying on Easy Bound Book Lite to cover all your ATF compliance and reporting needs.

Look through the Features and Reports that Lite has to offer. We’re confident you’ll find something that piques your interest. Contact Us to learn more. We would love to hear about your business and how we can help you hit your mark.

Easy Bound Book Lite Features and Reports


  • Fully ATF Compliant for Ruling 2016-1, 2016-3, & 2011-1
  • EZCheck Button – Use for Acquisitions, Dispositions, Vendors and Customers
  • Secure Domestic Cloud Based Server
  • Maintain a Separate Gunsmith Log
  • Supports All FFL types
  • Unlimited Records
  • Integrated Best Practices
  • Multi-User Ready
  • Automated Backup Emailed Daily*
  • Multiple Log Books for Single FFL E.G. Firearm Type, Manufacturer, Model or Caliber
  • Bound Book Can Be Printed, Saved as a PDF, Downloaded to Excel or a Word Document for LEO, ATF or Your Own Use

A&D Transactions

  • Edited Records Maintain a Full Audit Trail
  • Scan Barcodes to Input Data by Serial or Item number
  • ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book
  • ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book – Extended
  • Automatically Generate Serial Number Range for Acquisitions and Dispositions
  • Export All or Filtered Data From Bound Book to Excel
  • Sort/Filter your Acquisitions or Dispositions by Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, Date of Transaction or Any Combination You Need
  • Undo Function for Acquisition or Disposition Errors
  • User Notes Field for All Transactions


  • Complete ATF Compliance and Reporting
  • LEO and ATF Trace Requests Can Be Printed or Emailed; Notes Field Provided to Track Response
  • User Defined Bound Book E.G. by; Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, As of Date, Etc.
  • Dashboard of Status of Bound Book Transactions
  • NFA Acquisition and Disposition
  • Track Marking Variances
  • NFA Tracking
  • Track Pre-1968 Non-Serialized Firearms


  • Dashboard Provides View of Critical Information Including Time-Sensitive Tasks
  • Quick Glimpse of Open Acquisitions
  • Alerts for Late Acquisition or Disposition Entry
  • Multi-Gun Alert Notification and Auto Completes ATF Form 3310.4 to Report Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers


  • Inventory Items Include Special ATF Identification Fields
  • Open Acquisition (On-Hand Inventory Report)


  • Easy e4473 Integration
  • NICS Integration

Quick Video Demo

Dashboard for Critical Information

“ATF record keeping saw a huge improvement in accuracy since implementing Easy Bound Book. Personnel also experienced peace of mind.”

– U.S. Defense Contractor

“We enter 1000 transactions a day in Easy Bound Book” said Carmen. “With this volume, every minute counts, and with Easy Bound Book we are easily saving several hours a week”

“Once the system was installed and we had entered all of the data from our manual bound book, Easy Bound Book easily saves me 2-6 hours per day (depending on that day’s shipments) on data entry. Using the system is easy and streamlines the entire process.”

– Ashley Loy, Taylor & Co. Inc., ATF Records Keeper