Easy Bound Book® Business with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides for all of your ATF bound book requirements.  Easy Bound Book Business creates your bound book records automatically while you buy,  sell, manufacture and convert ATF regulated items.   With ERP for guns, no more double entry–Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Easy Bound Book Business does it for you. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has more than 200,000 installations and millions of users, making it the largest mid-market ERP system world-wide. It can be installed at your location or in the cloud. 

Learn how Easy Bound Book Business can supercharge your business

  • No more time consuming manual bound book and accounting entry
  • Normal business processes automatically create A&D records
  • Complete compliance and reporting needs with accounting, importing, manufacturing and distribution
  • Cloud based or on premise
  • From $395 per month
  • Best for: FFL’s that want all ATF records in one place and integration with your business accounting
  • No record limits
  • Import Permit compliance to ensure you import the correct amount of items authorized on your Form 6
  • AFMER data consolidation for annual filing
  • Bound Book reports, print, print to PDF, send to Excel or Word
  • Special User permissions for ATF regulated transaction
  • FAET (Firearms & Ammunition Excise Tax)
    • Report to speed up your filing
    • Track items put into business use
    • Track returns from customers
    • Set your CSP (Constructive Selling Price) by Item OR report by actual sales
    • Set the FAET rate by each type of firearm you sell
    • Tracks customer type to eliminate non-taxable transaction
    • Tracks Export to eliminate from taxable sales
  • Keep track of Marking Variances
  • LEO and ATF trace requests, email or print and send, make notes in bound book to show response to trace request
  • Integrated EZCheck for Acquisitions, Dispositions and adding Vendors and Customers
  • Automated transfer of Receivers’ serial numbers to Rifles or Pistols
  • Item labels (tags) to simplify serial number entry via barcode or typing and to clearly identify firearms
  • UPC Barcode labels
  • Inventory Reconciliation for mock or real audits
  • User defined rules by item to stop sales of firearms to states with restrictions
  • Packing Lists with all ATF bound book information to help your customers receive your product
  • Manage sub-contract manufacturing processes, including serialized items
  • Inventory Items include special ATF identification fields
  • Customers, Ship-tos and Vendors include FFL information
  • User defined firearm types, models, calibers
  • Track FFL & other information on each regulated sale or purchase

Data Consolidated for Annual Filing

User Permissions and Variance

Easy Bound Book® Business includes all you need to manage imports, manufacturing, selling and purchasing of firearms and every type of inventory or other business transaction you may do.  Integrate Business Central with your Web store or EDI, full warehouse management, shop floor data collection, payroll and more. Tame your accounting and bound book nightmare and sleep well at night.

“ATF record keeping saw a huge improvement in accuracy since implementing Easy Bound Book. Personnel also experienced peace of mind.”

— U.S. Defense Contractor

Firearm Master

User Defined Rules