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Our Customer Asked, We Delivered!!

Our client, M+M, Inc. asked if we could create a program to integrate the website with their Easy Bound Book® ERP software. Our answer, YES!

Launched in 1999, is an informative, secure and safe way to buy and sell firearms, ammunition and hunting/shooting gear online. averages 750,000 active listings on any given day and boasts 6 million unique monthly visitors.

Many of M+M’s customers were using the website to purchase items. Without a way to integrate the orders into their EBB ERP system, it was an error prone & time consuming process.

The Business Automation Specialists(BASM) team, creators of Easy Bound Book®, got to work creating a new add-on interface with

At BASM our goal is this; know and understand your business objectives, critical needs, personnel capability, and goals. Software is one tool we use to accomplish that task. Our Development/Enhancement team for the Easy Bound Book products is always ready to assist clients in expanding their sales channels.

Reach out with your ideas and let us know how we can help you achieve your goals. We want to hear from YOU!!

Problems With a Manual Entry System

  • Manual entry of orders is error prone
  • Time consuming to manually update the order status to maintain Good Standing with
  • Duplicate order entry created with paper orders
  • Difficult to obtain mandatory missing FFL “Ship To” information from customer
  • Multiple steps to obtain a refund for payment refusal

BASMs Solution – Automation

Our Add-on for automatically creates a new Customer and Sales Order, and allocates the inventory as sold.
The new Customer and Sales Order are clearly identified as originating from
All transactions seamlessly integrated with your normal business process.

TOP 7 Benefits to Using the Add-on for Easy Bound Book® ERP

1. Sales Orders – sales are automatically created in EBB when received

2. FFL Verification – Once the order is received, EBB automatically updates the FFL. Orders are released to picking if/when FFL shipping information is complete

3. Status Updates – receives status updates on the Sales Order from beginning to end

4. New Customers – A new customer profile is created from the order

5. Updates Customer Information – Automatically updates existing customer information if different from on file

6. Shipment Tracking – After the order ships, EBB sends the tracking information to the customer through so the auction winner knows when the product has shipped.

7. Auction Fees Refunded – If payment is refused, refund transactions are easily created

A Valuable Tool – Easy Bound Book® ERP– Customizable, time-tested, reliable, safe and secure using the best in modern technology. Reclaim your time and money and refocus your energy on serving your customers and building your business.

What we did for M+M Inc. and, we can do for you!!

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