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A Fire Control Unit – What Does ATF Rule 2021R-05F State?

Posted in ATF A&D Bound Book, ATF Compliance, Legal

Misidentifications can have serious ramifications. They are usually found during ATF audits. As your expert in the highly regulated firearms industry, we are here to help you.

Zero Tolerance

ATF Zero Tolerance Policy

Posted in ATF A&D Bound Book, ATF Compliance, Legal

What can you do to stay on the right side of Zero? The first thing to understand is that zero tolerance is a real thing. Second, zero ATF violations is an attainable goal. Third, adopt a positive attitude towards compliance. Fourth, recognize that compliance starts before the firearms reach your dock door and continues until […]

5 Ways to Protect Your Bound Book From a Natural Disaster?

Posted in ATF Compliance, Legal

The ATF Publication 3317.7 states, “Disaster preparedness is the process that an FFL takes to prepare for, minimize the effects of, and recover from an event that causes any disruption to its business.”

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