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5 Ways to Protect Your Bound Book From a Natural Disaster?

Easy Bound Book “In The Cloud”

The ATF understands how important it is for your Bound Book to be protected during a natural disaster. In June 2021, the ATF updated its guidance on disaster preparedness for FFL’s. The ATF Publication 3317.7 states, “Disaster preparedness is the process that an FFL takes to prepare for, minimize the effects of, and recover from an event that causes any disruption to its business.”

The following five-part checklist, created by the ATF, was created to help you protect and recover your Bound Book in the event of a natural disaster.


  • Create and maintain a set of records that includes insurance policies, suppliers, contact lists and computer records backup.
  • Protect important records from a natural disaster by storing them in fire and waterproof locations.
  • Keep original copies of important records off-site.
  • If you are in the path of a natural disaster, contact the ATF Firearms Industry Programs Branch at (202) 648-7190. They will give you approval to remove all business records to a safe location.


  • Perform an inventory check on a regular basis to ensure your records are up to date.
  • Current inventory records are vital to assisting law enforcement as well as your insurance company in establishing loss claims.
  • Secure your inventory by using safes, cable locks, and other measures to deter burglaries and looting.
  • If you are in the path of a natural disaster, consider relocating your inventory to protect it.
  • FFL’s are encouraged to inform the ATF of the temporary location of the firearms inventory.


  • Review your insurance policy annually to be sure you have appropriate coverage.
  • Consider enhancements to your policy for complete coverage and reimbursement for business disruption in addition to physical losses.


  • Maintain a list of all employees and their current phone numbers.
  • Create a phone tree for notifications.
  • Establish a plan to protect employees from the natural disaster and that they know who to call to report they are safe.


  • Perform regular audits of your alarm system.
  • Consider updating to a live feed system.
  • Consider having more than one security service perform an audit on your current system.

Easy Bound Book “in the cloud” stores all data off-site. You can access your records from anywhere the internet is available.

Reach out to us now for help protecting your Bound Book from a natural disaster. Move your records to Easy Bound Book in the cloud.

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