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All in One ATF Bound Book and ERP

Why should you consider moving to Easy Bound Book®ERP? Many responsible parties are looking for better, more all-encompassing compliance management and Easy Bound Book ERP offers that.

Other ERPs find that recording business transactions plus bound book transactions are error prone and time-consuming. Easy Bound Book ERP eliminates double entry and helps minimize errors. 

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Serial Number Manifest

Every sale, purchase, manufacture, destruction or transfer transaction in Easy Bound Book ERP is immediately recorded in your Bound Book so that your record keeping is always timely.

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Easy Bound Book offers a very simple method to reconcile physical firearms to the Bound Book and when you use Easy Bound Book ERP, all three are reconciled in tandem. Your book to gun, gun to ERP and ERP to book – an all-in-one easy process – allows you to see instantly what your issues are without toiling through lists of 100s or 1000s of firearm serial numbers. And, if you use our barcode system you can easily reconcile an inventory of 6,000 firearms in a matter of hours, rather than taking several days.

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Are you ready to STOP using multiple programs and START saving time and money?
Find Out How Easy It Is to Put Easy Bound Book ERP to Work For YOU!

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