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How Can You Save Time and Money Using Electronic Explosives Inventory Management?

Record an Acquisition and update the DSMT in 36 seconds

Track expiration dates on your inventory

Record a Disposition and update the DSMT in 30 seconds

Manage your DSMTs using any mobile device from anywhere

Know what to buy & what you have available to sell

Error free data driven receipts and shipments

Know your Net Explosive Weight in your magazines real-time

Pain free cycle counts

Stress free ATF audits

Easy Bound Book EXPLOSIVES® is a fast, easy, and accurate system to meet ATF explosives record-keeping requirements. You can record and update acquisitions and dispositions in mere seconds, while managing your DSMTs from wherever you are – desk, truck, or couch!

Easy Bound Book EXPLOSIVES is the best electronic inventory system for explosives with ATF record-keeping. You’ll know exactly what is in your inventory to optimize your stock levels. Manual entry errors are eliminated by recording them directly in the system. Easy Bound Book explosives alerts you when recording an order or movement that will put the magazine over limit.

With Easy Bound Book Explosives, cycle counts are quick, easy, and painless. Record discrepancies immediately and attach reason codes for full accountability. No hand-written sheets are necessary.

You will love the increased time you have to run your business.

Call or email us today to see how much time and money you can save with Easy Bound Book Explosives.

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