4 Ways Easy 4473 Helps You

Concerned about ATF audits?  Most FFLs are.  One in three audits in 2018 resulted in reports of violations or worse. Eight of the top ten reasons for ATF violations were for record-keeping.  These violations are errors on ATF Form 4473, timely recording Bound Book transactions and the multi-gun sale reporting.  Easy 4473 and Easy Bound Book can help you avoid these violations.


Speed up Customer completion. Easy 4473 (electronic 4473 or e4473) helps you speed up and reduce errors for your customers as they fill out Part A of ATF Form 4473. Easy 4473 will let your applicants know they have missed a question before they sign the form and before they give it to you to review. You spend less time telling customers they missed a field.

Increase Customer Accuracy. Easy 4473 ensures the customer has answered all the Part A questions so you can focus on the approval process.  Easy 4473 highlights errors and wrong answers so your employees won’t miss a question that disqualifies an applicant.

Speed up ATF 4473 review. After you approve (or disapprove) Part A, Easy 4473 makes sure you answer all the questions required in Part B.  Then Easy 4473 fills the Part D firearm information when you enter the firearm serial number.

Creates Disposition in Easy Bound Book. Easy 4473 enters the Disposition in your Bound Book so that all you have to do is check the accuracy and post it to the Bound Book.

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ATF Form 4473 the Easy Way

Easy 4473 makes sure your firearm information is correct.

You enter the serial number, Easy 4473 checks to see that the firearm is available in your bound book.  Here we see that JPF000225 is not available (disposed, on another 4473, mistyped).  If it is available, Easy 4473 fills in the Manufacturer, Importer, Model, Type and Caliber from the open firearm record in Easy Bound Book®.

Easy 4473 helps your customer.  Easy 4473 lets your customer know if they missed a field or incorrectly filled another.  They will see a message at the top of the 4473 and each problematic field will be in red.

  • One common error is to misread “County” as “Country”. Easy 4473 helps the applicant catch this error.
  • Easy 4473 shows fields that the customer has missed, like the “Country of Citizenship” or one of the checkbox questions.

Pending Seller’s Review – Once the customer certifies the answers (and optionally signs on the computer), you are ready to review the ATF 4473. You choose from the list of all the current 4473 forms.

Easy Bound Book® makes sure that you don’t miss problems with the 4473, by pointing out issues that could disqualify the applicant.  You can make a good decision to approve or deny the transfer.

  • Easy 4473’s message is pointing out a potential “straw purchase”.
  • You see the specific questions that have disqualifying answers highlighted in red.
  • You can make a simple decision to cancel this transaction because Easy 4473 shows you prohibited answers to questions.
  • Easy 4473 is also telling you that this person is too young to buy anyfirearm, and specifically, too young to buy a pistol (you set the age according to your state’s law.)

Signing the form. You and your customers can sign on a touchscreen and then print or print the form and sign.  No need to buy an expensive signature pad for every workstation.  No technical support hassles that are difficult and expensive.  A simple touchscreen tablet is all it takes. Plus, a touchscreen speeds up filling out the form and makes it simpler for your customer.

Transfer Signatures

When you complete the transfer, Easy 4473 updates Easy Bound Book® so you can post the Disposition on a timely basis. And, if this handgun sale requires a Multi-Gun Report (ATF 3310.4 or 3310.12), Easy Bound Book will fill out the PDF form with the data from the Bound Book.


And there you have it – a solution to the Number 1 and 2 cited violations from ATF audits.

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