Hit the Easy e4473 Button and Confidently Process Dispositions in 4 Easy Steps

In 2020, 60% of the top ten violations found during an audit were on ATF form 4473. The additional named violations were related to untimely reporting of acquisitions and dispositions, failure to report multiple firearm sales, or other dispositions of pistols and revolvers. Easy Bound Book’s solution was to create an electronic 4473 that seamlessly integrates with the Easy Bound Book software. Yes, there are other standalone electronic 4473 forms out there but why risk errors by using multiple systems when Easy Bound Book has you covered with one system.

Enter the serial number and our electronic 4473 Autofills Section A with information from your open firearms list

When you enter the serial number(s) in Section A, our e4473 locates the record in your Easy Bound Book® and autocompletes the necessary fields. This eliminates the risk of completing a disposition on the wrong firearm.

Auto Assist in our e4473 helps your customer complete the form with confidence

An alert message appears at the top of the screen to let your customer know they left a field blank. The customer can then complete the missed field. To certify their answers are correct they either sign the e4473 on the device or sign a printed copy of the completed form.

Auto Assist alerts you to errors and disqualifying answers

An alert message appears at the top of the screen to notify you of errors and disqualifying answers. Once you see the alert notification you can proceed using ATF guidelines.

Creates and completes the disposition

Our Easy e4473 auto-fills Part D with the firearm information from Section A and also creates the disposition in your Bound Book. You check for accuracy and then post it to the Bound Book completing the transaction in record time.

NOTE: If the sale requires a Multi-Gun Report (ATF 3310.4 or 3310.12), Easy Bound Book will Autofill the form with the required data.

Found!! An easy way to avoid ATF audit violations – the Easy e4473.

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