Morrissey, Inc.

EBB is worth every penny! We don’t look at Excel anymore, instead, we track everything in EBB. The accuracy and time savings free us up to get more work done rather than manually tracking our data. The system is easy to use and only requires someone who has basic computer skills. The EBB staff was able to customize our program, making it possible for us to batch our product check-ins which saved a ton of time! We have recommended this software to several other companies and will continue to do so.

– Nick Duerr, Manufacturing EngineerReed's Logo


Reed’s Indoor Range

Moving from a hard copy bound book to Easy Bound Book Lite was a terrific decision. The support team follows up with us quickly and all issues are thoroughly addressed. Moreover, the team takes time to clarify when we have questions ensuring we use the system as it is intended. Overall, we are getting a great value from EBB Lite and their support team is great to work with.

– Márcia Reed, Reed’s Indoor Range ManagerReed's Logo


M+M, Inc.

When we started hearing about automation software for our Federal Firearms License Bound-Book, we started investigating options. One stood out from the rest because of their manufacturing and firearms industry knowledge. As a result, we selected Easy Bound Book by Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota (BASM).

— Mike Meier, President and Founder of M+M, Inc.


Atlantic Firearms

Before, it would take four people plus the ‘paper pushers’ to pick, pack and ship 100 boxes. With NAV and EBB we are much more efficient and can now pick, pack and ship up to 110 boxes with just two people.

— Blaine Bunting, President, Atlantic Firearms, LLC



Most of the automated bound book software we found online was developed as a standalone system designed for point of sale. We needed a solution designed for manufacturers that was fully integrated into the rest of our software. We wanted no duplication of efforts which is error prone and not what we wanted to manage our ATF recording and reporting requirements.

— Bobby West, Co-owner in CGS


U.S. Defense Contractor

ATF record keeping saw a huge improvement in accuracy since implementing Easy Bound Book. Personnel also experienced peace of mind.

Matrix Aerospace

With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using spreadsheets just wasn’t going to work much longer.

— Carmen Pinsonault, Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace


Magnum Research

BASM kept the project moving forward and kept it on track. We had normal business issues taking place, while we were opening a new manufacturing facility that would distract us from this project. I was pulled in a thousand different directions, but BASM kept the project focused and acted as collector of key pieces of information. On top of that, our ATF compliance officer was new to Magnum Research, and BASM gave her valuable insight into issues with inventory flow and how they related to compliance requirements.

— Ron Atzmiller, CFO at Magnum Research


Tracking Point

This is a huge time saver for me and the warehouse team. Before Easy Bound Book™, I would feel like my hand was going to break from all the data entry just to check in a shipment. What used to take 4-5 hours a month for multiple people, now only takes 5 minutes per shipment and we can all get on with our real jobs. But beyond the time savings, there is no measurement for the peace of mind I have knowing that we have an excellent audit trail, are in compliance, and the business can continue to grow without worrying about our bound book.

Shortly after installing Easy Bound Book, we received the dreaded call that an ATF auditor was on the way. I was nervous at first – really nervous – so I immediately called the team at BASM and told them what the auditor said he would need. BASM calmly led me through the steps to find the information and reports so I’d be prepared when the auditor arrived. The system held up, the auditor was pleased, and we passed with flying colors! I highly recommend Easy Bound Book™ – it’s simply amazing and the impact it’s had on our business and my peace of mind is dramatic!

— Guyanne Nichols, TrackingPoint ATF RecordsKeeper


Taylor’s & Co., Inc.

Once the system was installed and we had entered all of the data from our manual bound book, Easy Bound Book™ easily saves me 2-6 hours per day (depending on that day’s shipments) on data entry. Using the system is easy and streamlines the entire process. The system is also so much better than a manual bound book system during ATF audits. It simplifies that process for both us and the auditors saving all of us time. It much easier printing the auditors a report versus finding and handing them a bunch of binders with the information they’ve requested.

It’s a huge time saver, and as long as you enter the initial data correctly, everything else just flows smoothly from there. I really like the fact that you can enter accounts, vendors, and customers once, then pull them up with a few clicks to associate them to a transaction. It saves a lot of hand written errors since all dispositions are tied to the serial number. It’s easy to use and we are very excited that we have it in place now.

— Ashley Loy – Taylor’s & Company – Acquisitions and Dispositions



Traditions™ Performance Firearms

Once we identified Easy Bound Book™ as the best solution for our needs, we had a third party developer write an integration between Easy Bound Book™ and our Sage 100 ERP system (formerly known as MAS 90) using the import and export features. Once that was done, the records entered into our P.O. system create the transaction in Easy Bound Book™. Likewise, transactions entered into our Sales system, update the record in Easy Bound Book™. All we have to do is hit the export button in Sage 100 and the import button on Easy Bound Book™, and it’s done! The transactions are seamless and invisible to us.

Easy Bound Book™ works well and as we hoped it would. It cuts down all the time it used to take double entering data. This also cuts down double data-entry errors. If we do make a data entry error, it’s made in both places, which makes tracking and fixing errors easier too. With our current volume of firearms that need to be tracked – which does not include muzzleloaders – the system is easily saving us 24-48 hours per month. If we ever have to track muzzleloaders, Easy Bound Book™ will be a huge time saver for us.

I would highly recommend Easy Bound Book™. We are very satisfied with the service provided by BASM and the software has simplified what was a cumbersome process.

— Eva Perry, Office Manager at Traditions