Easy Bound Book Product line:

• Lite – Offers a stand -alone Electronic Bound Book solution.

• Pro – Offers an Electronic Bound Book solution with advanced reporting.

• Business – Offers a complete Electronic and ERP Bound Book solution all-in-one.

• Explosives – Offers an Electronic ATF record keeping solution with an accurate inventory system and reporting.

• All Easy Bound Book options are efficient and effectively used by all segments of the firearms industry. Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor, importer/exporter, dealer, gunsmith, range or defense contractor, Easy Bound Book is locked and loaded and ready to help you hit your target.

• All Easy Bound Book options offer an unlimited number of A&D transactions allowing you to process from 100 – 100,000+ transactions per year.

Your company’s needs and focus are our top priority. Easy Bound Book has an option to fit your business needs, now and into the future.

So it Begins

Our parent company,  Business Automation Specialists of MN, Inc. (BASM) began in 1985 with the goal of helping businesses improve profitability and efficiency through software and technology.

Easy Bound Book® was created specifically for the highly regulated firearms industry in 2008. One of BASM’s existing ERP software customers in the firearms industry, was looking for a way to integrate their existing bound book with their current ERP. After much collaboration with expert ATF legal counsel Mark Barnes & Associates and the ATF, BASM developed Easy Bound Book, a fully ATF compliant electronic bound book.

Flexibility / Choice

Easy Bound Book has grown to have four unique product offerings since its inception in 2008; Lite, Pro and Business for the firearms industry and we’ve expanded to support the explosives industry. 


We believe in creating opportunities for success. That is why we provide live, individualized training; real people answering the phone and providing support. In cases of the “tough” questions, we provide access to the experts. Our service delivers results that elevates Easy Bound Book from an excellent piece of software to a superior business solution. While you can “figure software out on your own”, we believe the best solution is to have experts guide you along the way.

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Development / Enhancements

Many enhancements have been make to Easy Bound Book since 2008. To ensure our products stay at or above ATF compliance standards, we continually confer with the ATF as well as our customers and incorporate their suggestions into Easy Bound Book. Most Easy Bound Book enhancements are driven by our goal to help our FFL customers improve profitability and efficiency in addition to ATF compliance; inventory reconciliation is a great example. Although inventory reconciliation is not a requirement of ATF compliance for firearms, it as a valuable function and good business practice.

Whatever your company’s size, needs and focus, Easy Bound Book has a version that will fit your business.

We would love to talk to you about how Easy Bound Book can improve your profitability and efficiency.

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