Designed for manufacturers and distributors, Microsoft Business Central is an ERP packed with features to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency. Easy Bound Book Business Edition multiplies these gains for firearms manufacturers and distributors by automatically creating the appropriate A&D log records with all the reporting and ATF audit support you need. Experience the power of Microsoft Business Central with Easy Bound Book to solve problems and save money.

Save Money

1. Save Money

Saving money happens naturally when you use Easy Bound Book and Business Central.  You have the information you need to control your inventory level so that you can meet the demands of your customers. Your staff gets more done every day because they have the tools and information to make good decisions and provide reliable information to customers and vendors. With ERP for firearms, you may find that your current staff can handle 50% more business.

  • Do More with Less
    • Immediate access to information at your fingertips allows users to quickly answer customer inquiries, generate reports, monitor exceptions, etc.
    • Eliminate dual entry in spreadsheets, separate systems and in employees’ heads.
  • Reduce Inventory Levels and Extra Charges
    • Robust planning and replenishment tools recommend purchases and production while still providing you the flexibility to adjust so you don’t buy or make excess inventory. Lean inventory levels improve cash flow and reduce the likelihood of obsolete inventory, which in turn reduces the need for clearance sales and scrapping product.
    • Order promising tools allow you to make realistic commitments to customers to not only improve customer satisfaction, but also reduce extra charges from expedited freight, overtime and penalties.

Save Time

2. Save Time

Knowing the information you need makes your job easier.  When your staff has that information at their finger-tips they can get more done because they can do it right the first time.  Seamless communication between front and back office means faster response with fewer errors.

  • Onboard New Employees Faster
    • An intuitive and simple user interface makes it easy to train new staff and allows them to be productive right away.
    • Integration to Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel, allows new staff to take advantage of knowledge they already have, and continues to improve their productivity in whatever role they fill.
  • Seamless Communication Between Departments
    • Real-time information means each department has immediate access to the information needed for peak performance. Customer service sees stock level warnings during order entry and can see next available stock when needed so they can provide excellent service to your customers.  Supply chain instantly sees new customer orders and the impact on inventory for optimal stock level management while reducing back orders.  Ownership and executive management have dashboards with live visibility to profitability and trends so they can make informed decisions to improve company growth.

Minimixze Compliance Risks

3. Minimize Compliance Risks

With Easy Bound Book, compliance happens seamlessly with every firearm transaction.  Easy Bound Book eliminates manually logging acquisitions and dispositions so your employees can focus on tasks that make you money.

  • Eliminate the number one cause of ATF audit violations. No more delay between when something happened with a firearm and when it was logged.
  • Eradicate errors caused by dual entry.
  • Keep your bound book in sync with your business for accurate inventory and serial numbers.

Simplify Audits

4. Simplify Audits

ATF Audits are never fun.  However, Easy Bound Book Business Edition makes them simple and pain-free.  Audits are suddenly a breeze, from a bound book perspective, as the bound book is always current.

  • Eliminate rushing to get all the acquisitions and dispositions logged before the audit.
  • Stop errors such as an incorrect serial numbers.
  • Streamlined audit process with enforced reconciliation of the accounting system, inventory, and Easy Bound.

Reduce Compliance Officer Workload

5. Reduce Compliance Officer Workload

In many organizations, the compliance officer is a critical player in multiple areas of business. Since bound book compliance is imperative, this responsibility is added to the already over-flowing workload of this “can do” team member. Easy Bound Book with Microsoft Business Central empowers your compliance officer to:

  • Audit data rather than enter data; gaining back all the hours he/she once spent entering data into your bound book.
  • Process serial trace and LEO inquiries instantly.
  • Focus on other business critical tasks.

For more information on Easy Bound Book Business Edition, and to find out if it is right for your company, contact us today.