Tracking firearms by serial numbers is required by ATF regulations. While you can enter serial numbers by hand, using a barcode can make make a big difference in your inventory costs and accuracy.

Consider these big benefits of barcoding:

  1. Speedy data entry: The fastest typist in the world can’t compete with a computerized barcode scanner. Swipe it across the barcode and you’re done before the typist has finished typing the fourth digit in a nine-digit code. Barcodes make entering hundreds of products faster and easier.
  2. Reduces errors: That same typist, even on a good day, probably makes dozens of mistakes. A barcode scanner doesn’t make mistakes on its own. If it’s programmed correctly, it swipes accurately. Period.
  3. Easy implementation: Anyone can be taught how to use a barcode scanner. It’s a simple setup that takes only about 20 minutes to learn how to use. Your team can use barcodes easily with minimal training, and newcomers to your staff will also pick up the skill easily. It’s a great advantage over old, complicated manual systems.
  4. Improved inventory management: The accuracy that barcode scanners provide can help you improve inventory management. Tighter inventory management means cost savings, better order fulfillment, and improved cash flow.

Firearms serial numbers can be scanned directly into inventory and your Easy Bound Book.

Using barcodes will improve your inventory accuracy and will make you better prepared for ATF audits. In fact, you can integrate your inventory software with electronic bound book software for a streamlined and accurate process. Easy Bound BookTM can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a complete inventory and A&D bound book package.

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