When TrackingPoint, an applied technology firm, received that dreaded call from an ATF auditor, they turned to BASM for peace of mind. Said their ATF records keeper, “I was nervous at first—really nervous—so I immediately called the team at BASM and told them what the auditor said he would need. BASM calmly led me through the steps to find the information and reports so I’d be prepared when the auditor arrived. The system held up, the auditor was pleased, and we passed with flying colors!”

TrackingPoint uses BASM’s Easy Bound Book™, electronic ATF software, to make the process of ATF recordkeeping a breeze. “This is a huge time saver for me and the warehouse team. Before Easy Bound Book™, I would feel like my hand was going to break from all the data entry just to check in a shipment. What used to take 4-5 hours a month for multiple people, now only takes 5 minutes per shipment and we can all get on with our real jobs. But beyond the time savings, there is no measurement for the peace of mind I have knowing that we have an excellent audit trail, are in compliance, and the business can continue to grow without worrying about our bound book.”

“I highly recommend Easy Bound Book™ – it’s simply amazing and the impact it’s had on our business and my peace of mind is dramatic,” exclaimed TrackingPoint’s ATF records keeper.

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