M+M, Inc.

When we started hearing about automation software for our Federal Firearms License Bound-Book, we started investigating options. One stood out from the rest because of their manufacturing and firearms industry knowledge. As a result, we selected Easy Bound Book by Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota (BASM).

— Mike Meier, President and Founder of M+M, Inc.


Atlantic Firearms

Before, it would take four people plus the ‘paper pushers’ to pick, pack and ship 100 boxes. With NAV and EBB we are much more efficient and can now pick, pack and ship up to 110 boxes with just two people.

— Blaine Bunting, President, Atlantic Firearms, LLC

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Most of the automated bound book software we found online was developed as a standalone system designed for point of sale. We needed a solution designed for manufacturers that was fully integrated into the rest of our software. We wanted no duplication of efforts which is error prone and not what we wanted to manage our ATF recording and reporting requirements.

— Bobby West, Co-owner in CGS


Magnum Research

BASM kept the project moving forward and kept it on track. We had normal business issues taking place, while we were opening a new manufacturing facility that would distract us from this project. I was pulled in a thousand different directions, but BASM kept the project focused and acted as collector of key pieces of information. On top of that, our ATF compliance officer was new to Magnum Research, and BASM gave her valuable insight into issues with inventory flow and how they related to compliance requirements.

— Ron Atzmiller, CFO at Magnum Research