The ATF has just released significant changes to the ATF Form 4473. Nearly every section of the form includes changes; some old questions have been revised and others have been added. These changes affect all federal firearms licensees (FFLs) beginning on January 16, 2017. On this date, any old ATF Form 4473s (April 2012) should be destroyed so that you do not use them inadvertently.

Packets of 50 forms will begin arriving at your FFL address in late December. You can also order forms online or print the Form 4473 from ATF’s website and make copies. Please note that all six pages of the Form 4473 must be printed and retained as a part of your permanent records.

How do you keep up with form changes and other regulations? Using electronic ATF software like BASM’s Easy Bound Book™, you can feel confident that your record keeping is current and compliant.

Click here to review the changes to ATF Form 4473.