You may be wondering what inventory automation has to do with your bound book software. Perhaps you use your electronic A&D system for ATF compliance and required records as a stand-alone system. But, when Easy Bound Book™ is fully integrated with your inventory, manufacturing, and/or accounting systems, its value as a time-saver skyrockets.

Improving the efficiency of the warehouse and minimizing costly mistakes is high on the list of many FFLs. Automated inventory systems such as barcoding technology and fully integrated bound book software is a great investment for many. If you are considering investing in your inventory and integration systems, there are even more benefits beyond improved efficiency.

  • Precise Inventory Control: Barcode systems and other automation enables precise, just-in-time inventory management. They eliminate out-of-stock occurrences of critical components or materials. And you know exactly where your inventory is located at any time and that is critical to meet ATF regulations and breeze through audits.
  • Improved Cash Flows: Because precise inventory control reduces expenses, cash flows improve. You also reduce waste that increases your costs.
  • Faster and More Reliable Data: When your inventory system is directly integrated with your A&D software, updates in units and their locations are automatically imported into your bound book. You eliminate the possibility of data entry error.

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