Did you know that Easy Bound Book™ can be integrated with your ERP? The benefits of A&D bound book integration to your business software are tremendous.

The more you have to transfer data between systems, the more potential for error. Mistakes in data entry (and re-entry), for example, can lead to incorrect data. This data, if used to make decisions, can lead companies into poor decision-making that can negatively impact profits. Beyond poor decision-making, every time data is re-entered into the system, it costs more money that could be much more useful invested elsewhere. If you are an FFL, mistakes can also mean findings on your ATF audit.

Investments in integrated systems such as Easy Bound Book™ and Microsoft Dynamics NAV pay off. When product integration is comprehensive and accurate, it offers useful information that can improve business.

Check out the features of Easy Bound Book™ integrated with Microsoft Dynamic NAV.