Increased productivity is just one of the many benefits derived from electronic bound book software. This A&D software can help you enhance productivity in many ways:

  • Reduce time-consuming manual tasks by automating the most common ones.
  • Use automated workflows to accelerate business tasks.
  • Provide employees with information to quickly and accurately breeze through ATF audits.
  • Track data for compliance and risk management.

All these factor into increased productivity, lower costs, and higher ROI. Automated workflow management, tracking compliance issues, and easily accessed data helps employees work faster and smarter, not harder.

Easier and Faster Audits

If an ATF auditor walked in the door, how long would it take your employees now to find crucial bound book information? Once they found the data, would they be able to find the inventory?

Think about how that sounds from the auditor’s perspective. While they’re waiting for your employees to provide the data, they’re wondering why it’s taking so long. Mentally, they are comparing their experience with your company to other, similar companies. If your company is found lacking, they may just spend a little more time in your business.

On the other hand, when you use electronic bound book software like Easy Bound BookTM, the ATF data can be quickly accessed. When the bound book software is integrated with your inventory system, it gets even better. You can spend less time with ATF audits and get back to other business.

Watch our video to see how Easy Bound BookTM makes ATF audits a breeze!