Replacing manual A&D bound books with software makes sense if improved reporting is among your company’s priorities. Think of the time, effort and money that improved reporting can save you. Accurate, timely, and reliable data can transform your business’ processes and improve ATF reporting. But if your reports are difficult to create, export, and print, you may be setting yourself up for difficult ATF audits.

One of the many areas in which A&D bound book software like Easy Bound BookTM offers value is in its reporting features. These tools offer options to report on every aspect of your firearms tracking. They also provide automatic reports that meet federal regulations. Beyond ATF requirements, with Easy Bound Book, you can print shipping manifests, barcode labels, and firearms transfers. Read about Easy Bound Book’s reporting features.

Accurate data and better reports improve productivity and allow FFL’s to make better business decisions.

If you would like to learn more about transforming your FFL with better reporting, contact BASM about Easy Bound Book.