Filling out ATF forms is a time-consuming process when it comes to firearms sales. Unfortunately, it can also be an error-laden process and these errors can result in violations or an ATF audit. Typically, the forms that have mistakes in audits are the A&D bound book, the ATF form 4473, and the ATF Form 3310 Multi-Gun reports.

You probably know that Easy Bound Book provides industry-leading A&D electronic bound book software to automate FFL bound book records. Our most recent product, Easy 4473, automates the completion of ATF Form 4473. But did you know that these FFL software products also automate some or all of ATF Form 3310 Multi-Gun reports? 

When are ATF Forms 3310.4 or 3310.12 Needed? 

ATF Form 3310.4 is simply an additional report that must be filed for the disposition or sale of 2 or more pistols or revolvers. Form 3310.12 reports multiple sales of rifles. The ATF uses this information to determine if the buyer (transferee) is involved in unlawful activity. 

What are the Top Mistakes Found in ATF Form 3310.4 and 3310.12?

Issue 1: Failure to complete ATF forms correctly

Mistakes on forms can be as simple as misspelling a name or skipping a field. Perhaps information from ATF Form 4473 is not transferred accurately to Form 3310.4. Regardless of the error, these mistakes can create issues during an ATF audit. 

Issue 2: Failure to timely record ATF Form 3310.4

Multiple sales are described as 2 or more dispositions of pistols or revolvers in a 5-day period. Form 3310.4, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Pistols and Revolvers, must be submitted by the close of business day of the sale of the second pistol or revolver. Note that this is your business day—it doesn’t matter if State offices are closed. If you sell the second pistol or revolver on a Sunday, Form 3310.4 must be reported.

The same rules apply to Form 3310.12, Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles.

Three copies of Form 3310.4 are required:

  • Copy one must be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the ATF National Tracing Center,
  • Another copy must be submitted to your Chief Local Law Enforcement Official (CLEO),
  • The third copy must be attached to the firearms transaction record, Form 4473.

Two copies of Form 3310.12 should be completed:

  • The licensee must be emailed, faxed, or mailed to ATF National Tracing Center,
  • And the ATF recommends a copy be attached to the ATF Form 4473.


How to Ensure Form ATF 3310.4 Accuracy for Multi-Gun Reports? 

Meeting these rules requires good records of your dispositions. Electronic completion will help you identify the need for Form 3310.4 and fill it out accurately.

Easy Bound Book software checks for multiple sales in the last five days as you record dispositions and, if found, alerts you and transfers data automatically to ATF Form 3310.4 and 3310.12.

Easy 4473 (which integrates to our electronic bound book software), uses all of the information available on the 4473, and the entire PDF form is populated automatically. All of the information available on ATF Form 4473 is transferred automatically to ATF Form 3310.4. All you need to do is add any additional information required. Learn more.