When you are retiring an old A&D bound book for a new one, you can’t just throw it out and start from scratch. Follow these steps to meet ATF bound book regulations:

  1. You will only transfer firearms that you have not yet disposed.
  2. Enter the date the transfer occurs, as well as the book name/number, page number, and line number, on the disposition side of the A&D record in the old book.
  3. In the new book, record the description of the firearm and original receipt information (original date and name and address, or name and license number from whom the firearm was received).
  4. Be sure that each firearm is logged out of one A&D record before it is entered into another to prevent multiple entries without corresponding disposition information.
  5. Retain the old A&D bound book for 20 years as specified in ATF bound book regulations.

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