We can’t make ATF audits fun for you, but we can help ease the audit process with Easy Bound Book™. In the firearms industry, ATF audits are a fact of life. While you can’t avoid them, you can make sure that you have the processes and software in place so that you are a part of the 44% of compliance inspections that had no violations.

Here are a few ATF compliance audit facts based on 2015 data:

  • In 2015, there were 139,484 federal firearms licensees—including dealers, manufacturers, importers, and collectors.
  • The ATF conducted 8,696 firearms compliance audits. They closed 8,282 cases that had been recommended for prosecution. Of those, 4,031 resulted in convictions.
  • The typical ATF case recommended for prosecution remains open over a period of about 4 years.
  • Of the 8,696 compliance audits, only 44.25% had no violations.
    • No violations: 3,848 – (44.25%)
    • Report of violations: 1,162 – (13.36%)
    • Warning letter: 1,021 – (11.74%)
    • Warning conference: 444 – (5.11%)
    • Revocations/Denials: 46 – (0.53%)
    • Surrender in Lieu of Revocation: 20 – (0.23%)
    • Other (out of business, etc.: 2154 (24.77%)
  • Among the most frequently cited violations are several relating to ATF recordkeeping including:
    • Failure to timely record entries in bound record (Acquisition and Disposition Book)
    • Transferee did not properly complete Section A, F 4473
    • Failure to complete forms as indicated in instructions
  • In 2015, the ATF had 811 IOIs and 2,618 special agents. In 1976, when the ATF was established it had 828 IOIs and 1,822 special agents. However, the ATF budget grew in that time from $74 million to $1.201 billion.

Would you like to make sure that your ATF compliance audit goes as smoothly as possible? Learn more about audits with Easy Bound Book.