In September, the ATF issued a News Release in advance of Hurricane Maria providing guidance on disaster preparedness for FFLs. Specifically, they stated that “a disaster preparedness plan should be established by all FFLs to safeguard their businesses by protecting required records. If necessary, licensees should take precautionary steps by contacting their local ATF field offices regarding the removal of records including ATF Forms 4473 and 3310.4; and acquisition and disposition records from business premises to a safe location.”

Of course, hurricanes are just one of the many natural disasters to affect the U.S. in 2017. With fires and floods ravaging the South and West, we’ve seen that time isn’t always available to make disaster preparations.

One way to protect your FFL bound book records is with a hosted version of Easy Bound Book. With Easy Bound Book “in the cloud” – all the EBB data is stored off site and can be accessed from anywhere internet is available.

Don’t be caught off guard and don’t risk losing your records. Talk to us about moving to EBB hosted before the next disaster strikes.