Whatever your company’s size, needs and focus, Easy Bound Book® has a version that will fit your business.

Easy Bound Book® Lite

Designed for the basics, Easy Bound Book Lite is a cloud only solution (US based servers, of course!).  It is a great option when you just want quality software to keep you compliant with the ATF quickly and easily.

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Easy Bound Book® Pro

Designed to utilize A&D data for more than just ATF compliance, Easy Bound Book Pro provides additional inventory management, Federal Excise Tax (FET) and enhanced reporting functionality to reduce dual entry and take efficiency to the next level. It also offers tools for integrating to your ERP/Accounting software. It is a great option when you expect your software to solve more than one problem.
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Easy Bound Book® Business

Designed for the ultimate in efficiency, accuracy and timesavings, Easy Bound Book Business utilizes the power of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to automatically log A&D transactions as your employees buy, sell and make firearms. From start-ups to enterprises, it is a great option when you want an end-to-end business solution with A&D record keeping built in.
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Choose the right version of Easy Bound Book to meet your needs. Use this list to see the differences, or contact us for more information.

Fully 2016-1 Compliant Softwarecheckcheckcheck
Integrated Best Practicescheckcheckcheck
Supports all FFL typescheckcheckcheck
Audit trail for all edited recordscheckcheckcheck
User notes for all transactionscheckcheckcheck
Installed on your computer or serverN/Acheckcheck
Cloud basedcheckOptionalOptional
Daily Backup Alert for download from CloudcheckN/AN/A
Domestic Cloud serverscheckcheck*check*
Multi-User Capablecheckcheckcheck
Bulk Serial Number Processingcheckcheckcheck
Auto-Convert Receiver to Firearm in one transactioncheckcheck
NFA Trackingcheckcheckcheck
Multiple Log Books for Single FFL E.G. Type 07 – Manufacturer, Gunsmithcheckcheckcheck
User defined ATF Typescheckcheckcheck
Dashboard summary of transactions and late postingscheckcheckcheck
Barcode Data entry includedcheckcheckcheck
Multi-gun Alertscheckcheckcheck
Email Notification for downloadscheckN/AN/A
Multi-gun – autofill 3310.4 formOptional
Extensive filtering and sorting capabilitycheckcheckcheck
Alerts for late Acquisition or Disposition entrycheckcheckcheck
Undo accidental Acquisitioncheckcheckcheck
Handle Pre-1968 non-serialized firearmscheckcheckcheck
Easy Export of All or Filtered Bound Book to Excelcheckcheckcheck
Easy Export of All or Some Data to Excelcheckcheck
Cut and Paste Data Entrycheckcheck
Multiple FFL in the Same Software Installation (requires ATF Variance)checkcheck
Track Firearm Locationcheckcheck
Integrated ERP – Accounting, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, etc.Optionalcheck
Data Import Capabilitiescheckcheck
Document Management – Linkingcheckcheck
Manage & Track Serial Number compliance to VariancescheckOptional
Document Management – Drag and Drop with user defined classificationsOptionalOptional
Full Inventory Trackingcheck
Federal Excise Tax trackingcheckcheck
Automatic A & D entries when Manufacturingcheck
Automatic A & D entries when Importingcheck
Automatic A & D entries when Sales Order is shippedcheck
Automatic A & D entries when Purchase Order is receivedcheck
Automatic A & D entries when Transferring to locationscheck
Bill of Material, Routing and Manufacturing Processingcheck
Manufacturing and Purchase Planningcheck
Financial Statementscheck
Purchase & Sales Order processingcheck
Accounts Payable, Receivable and Cash Managementcheck
ATF Form 6 and 6A – monitor purchase against approved quantityOptional
State restrictions for certain firearmsOptional
Inventory Reconciliation (Book to firearm, firearm to Book, Book to ERP)Optional
2 way
3 way
ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Bookcheckcheckcheck
ATF Acquisition and Disposition Bound Book – Extendedcheckcheckcheck
Firearms Trace Inquirycheckcheckcheck
NFA Acquisition and Disposition Reportcheckcheckcheck
Open Acquisition (On-Hand Inventory Report)checkcheckcheck
User Defined Bound Book E.G. by; Manufacturer, Model, Caliber, As of Date, Etc.checkcheckcheck
Item Barcode Labelcheckcheck
UPC Barcode Labelcheckcheck
Disposition Packing Listcheckcheck
FFL Expiry Reportcheckcheck
Customer Sales Report for a user defined periodcheckcheck
AFMER Report Data (Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report)checkcheck
Pictures of firearms for better identificationcheckcheck
FET Tax report calculation datacheckcheck
Customer Invoicescheck
Vendor Purchase Orderscheck
Accounts Receivablecheck
Accounts Payablecheck
Financial Statementscheck
Other Accounting and ERP reportscheck
Manufacturing Production Orderscheck
Subcontract Manufacturing Managementcheck
Assembly OrdersOptional
Purchase Orderscheck
Sales Orderscheck
Sales Invoicescheck
Write Checkscheck
Aged Accounts Receivable and Payablecheck
Duplicate serial number notification & preventioncheckcheckcheck

Check = Standard

* = if not on premise