Dillon Aero was Under the Gun to Make a Change to their Bound Book Solution

Easy Bound Book Pro

The Company

Dillion Aero

  • Has fielded and supported in excess of 6,000 weapons systems in over 30 counties
  • Has 3 established FFL Licenses
  • Is acquiring a fourth FFL License
  • www.dillonaero.com

The Problem

Dillon Aero ran a spreadsheet based ATF Bound Book. While spreadsheet based systems are quick to set up, they don’t scale well as operations grow due to their lack of data validations and cross-license functionality

The Solution

Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota migrated Dillon Aero’s Bound Book to Easy Bound Book® Pro and custom tailored the installation to the company’s existing users and workflow

The Results

Dillon Aero got everything they needed and more by switching to Easy Bound Book Pro®. Not only did they maintain their ability to stay in compliance with the ATF; they also improved their internal processes and optimized their operations. Just because their company was growing doesn’t mean they had to sacrifice their efficiency to administrative bloat!

Since its establishment in 2000, Dillon Aero has fielded and supported more than 6,000 weapons systems in more than 30 countries. Dillon’s product line has grown to include high-capacity feed systems for the M134D as well as the M240, M60, PKM, .50 cal Heavy Machine Gun, and MK19 Grenade Launcher; a wide range of helicopter, naval, and vehicle weapon mounts; and a complete line of safety and support equipment for the Minigun. As a result of the phenomenal success of this weapons family, Dillon Aero has been awarded over 375 contracts by the US government, as well as numerous other key projects.

“I can really see how this will improve my ability to manage processes; it’s so much more than what I expected it to be.

— Aaron Howe, Director of Operations at Dillon

With three separate FFL licenses and a fourth in the works, Dillon needed to quickly replace their spreadsheet based ATF Bound Book record keeping with an automated solution that could cross reference each license while keeping separate books. They needed a solution that had controls built in but with accessibility to different departments which would provide consistency throughout the organization. And, they needed it fast to manage all four licenses quickly and efficiently.

After consulting with various resources, Dillon contacted Business Automation Specialists of Minnesota about their Easy Bound Book® solution. Dillon was under the gun to make a quick change and the Easy Bound Book team didn’t disappoint. Within two weeks, Dillon was set up and using Easy Bound Book’s Pro version.

Aaron Howe, the Director of Operations at Dillon who oversees the FFL Compliance Manager, stated, “I can really see how this will improve my ability to manage processes; it’s so much more than what I expected it to be.”

With built-in permissions settings, Easy Bound Book has the ability to tailor a role to a specific user. This allowed Dillon to have the manufacturing department record acquisitions without posting them. Accounting can post dispositions, and only the Compliance Manager can make corrections and post to the A&D record. Customer service can set up customers, and Aaron and the Compliance Manager are able to see all the transactions that the other departments added. With everyone having access to their portion, the company now had much desired consistency.

Additionally, Easy Bound Book provides the ability to check for duplicate serial numbers among all the FFL licenses. When duplicates are found, the user can determine if it is the same firearm, or in the case of an imported firearm; if they need to append a suffix to make the serial number unique. It also offers the ability to use a duplicate number if the original was disposed.

Dillon also opted to use Easy Bound Book’s document management system which allows emails, electronic files, or scanned documents to be linked to a serial number in Easy Bound Book. Having that level of detail accessible with a click, will make ATF audits that much cleaner, faster and easier.

Dillon Aero got everything they needed, and more; and in a time frame that helped their growing company stay on top of compliance and helped improve their internal processes and operations.