Looking for the best electronic bound book software?

Easy Bound Book Pro™ is the best electronic bound book software to keep your ATF required records. Get unparalleled accuracy and speed, quickly and accurately keeping your book while eliminating wasted time and energy.

Easy Bound Book Pro gives you control over your bound book and related paperwork like nothing else can. Conduct your own mock audits quickly to eliminate book to inventory discrepancies. Easy Bound Book Pro maintains shipping manifests, UPC, product barcodes, easy conversion of one firearm to another and more.

Best Electronic Bound Book Features

  • Complete compliance and reporting needs
  • Cloud based or on-premise
  • From $150 per month
  • Best for: Any FFL that wants more value from keeping A&D records
  • No record limits
  • Dashboard of critical information
  • See time sensitive tasks
  • Quick glimpse of open acquisitions
  • Multi-gun alerts
  • EZCheck button
  • Print or PDF all records when requested by the ATF
  • Full Edit capability for one or many records with full audit trail
  • Easy, fast searches for Trace Requests
  • AFMER report (Annual Firearms Manufacturing and Exportation Report)
  • Product labels with barcodes
  • UPC labels
  • Packing Lists
  • FET Report with calculated tax (Federal Excise Tax)
  • Shipping Manifest with all ATF information
    Handles non-serialized (pre 1968) firearms
  • Manage Manufacturing Variances and serial number ranges
  • Add pictures to Items to help users identify firearms correctly
  • Automatically generate serial number range for Acquisition or Disposition
  • Full duplicate serial number checking
  • Cut and Paste Acquisitions or Dispositions
  • Barcode data input
  • Export data to Excel or Word
  • Data Import capability
  • Location management (where is the firearm in your building)
  • Auto-Convert – dispose of receiver and acquire firearm in one step
  • Multiple FFLs in the same database
  • Drag and Drop document management, see documents at any time from anywhere
  • Unlimited Bound Books for filtered lists of your Acquisition or Dispositions by manufacturer, model, caliber or any other combination you want
  • Maintain separate Gunsmith log
  • Single or Multi-user
  • Customizable Security to limit users ability

“In the cloud or on your premise, Easy Bound Book Pro is accessible from anywhere by smart phone, tablet or PC. It is an affordable, complete solution for small or large FFL’s that want to keep all their ATF records in one place. Tame your bound book nightmare and sleep well at night.”

“With increased production, we needed a way to streamline our bound book record keeping. We wanted a way to record acquisitions and dispositions faster and more accurately. Using spreadsheets just wasn’t going to work much longer.”

– Office Manager at Matrix Aerospace


Traditions™ Performance Firearms

Once we identified Easy Bound Book™ as the best solution for our needs, we had a third party developer write an integration between Easy Bound Book™ and our Sage 100 ERP system (formerly known as MAS 90) using the import and export features. Once that was done, the records entered into our P.O. system create the transaction in Easy Bound Book™. Likewise, transactions entered into our Sales system, update the record in Easy Bound Book™. All we have to do is hit the export button in Sage 100 and the import button on Easy Bound Book™, and it’s done! The transactions are seamless and invisible to us.

Easy Bound Book™ works well and as we hoped it would. It cuts down all the time it used to take double entering data. This also cuts down double data-entry errors. If we do make a data entry error, it’s made in both places, which makes tracking and fixing errors easier too. With our current volume of firearms that need to be tracked – which does not include muzzleloaders – the system is easily saving us 24-48 hours per month. If we ever have to track muzzleloaders, Easy Bound Book™ will be a huge time saver for us.

I would highly recommend Easy Bound Book™. We are very satisfied with the service provided by BASM and the software has simplified what was a cumbersome process.

— Eva Perry, Office Manager at Traditions


U.S. Defense Contractor

ATF record keeping saw a huge improvement in accuracy since implementing Easy Bound Book. Personnel also experienced peace of mind.

Christensen Arms

Easy Bound Book™ is fast and user friendly. It has really streamlined our processes and has given us better control. Due to the way we kept records previously, not all of our data was able to be imported but as I’ve been transferring everything to the new system, I’m really thrilled at how easy and intuitive Easy Bound Book™ is. Additionally, support from BASM has made the transition from our old system to Easy Bound Book™ seamless. I’ve been surprised at the depth of their knowledge of ATF and bound book requirements! Additionally, the reporting is very valuable. The way it is set up with search capabilities makes it much easier to use than I expected. I am also able to export the data for use in our inventory system. I would highly recommend Easy Bound Book – it’s so valuable on so many levels.

— Ben Hill, ATF Compliance Manager at Christensen Arms