WOW … huge news for EBB Pro and Business for Firearms and Explosives

You need more than ATF Bound Book software; you need firearms specific inventory and manufacturing software to run your business at full speed. That’s why we built Easy Bound Book Business on the number one ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV).

Easy Bound Book Pro and Business for both Firearms and Explosives are now available in Microsoft Business Central in the Microsoft public cloud with 100% browser support. This means that you no longer need to pay for a hosting server in the cloud. This reduces your cost and hardware requirements significantly, while providing you the reliability of the number one mid-market ERP in the cloud today.

Setup is easy – You don’t have to call in IT or navigate complex security labyrinths to get Easy Bound Book installed on your devices. Just open up your favorite web browser and connect to Easy Bound Book from anywhere. Whether you’re at home on your laptop, at work on a desktop, or even at the coffee shop with just a phone – Easy Bound Book is there and ready to go.

It’s not only about the convenience though – it’s secure and reliable too. Users get the benefits of Microsoft’s latest Business Central updates combined with the power and uptime of Microsoft’s data centers. And each upgrade is just as painless as the initial setup – no installation, no firewall issues, it just works. Click Here to Learn More about switching to Easy Bound Book Business today.

Security is a big issue for many companies. Microsoft provides multi-factor authentication (MFA) for increased security. MFA is also called Two Factor Authentication (2FA). You probably use already use MFA for your bank or 401K account. MFA is available now with Business Central/Easy Bound Book, and in some cases, is required. Microsoft provides an application, “Authenticator” for your cell phone. You will login to Easy Bound Book and before you are able to access it, Microsoft will send your phone a request. There are two ways you can set it up, a text with numbers that you type into a security code field or a notification that says Deny or Approve. Typing the numbers into your login page or touching Approve on your phone completes your login to Easy Bound Book/Business Central.

Easy Bound Book availability in Business Central means that you can integrate with your Office Outlook 365 with a single sign in. Integration means, for example, if using Easy Bound Book Business you send a quote to a customer in an email and if they respond affirmatively, saying something like, “Let’s place an order for 10 of these.” Outlook, using Cortana Intelligence, can convert the Quote to a Sales Order in Business Central. Outlook will look at Business Central to find the customer and the items to put on the quote. Additionally, you can run Business Central from within Outlook, check customer accounts and other Business Central functions – so, you never have to leave Outlook. Many other Microsoft tools, like PowerApps, Flow, PowerBI, Cortana Intelligence and others, are available within Business Central.

Best of all, Business Central & Easy Bound Book is the same platform that companies have been using for more than a decade. So, while you get the advantages of cutting edge technology, you also get the security and reliability of technology proven by time and millions of users.

Regulatory Changes on the Horizon and Important Tips

4473 – Look for a new release of the 4473 with new formatting changes next year – hopefully by late Spring. Krissy Carlson, Division Chief, Firearms and Explosives Industry Division, told BASM in August that they hope to have it available for public comment in the Federal Register by January, 2020. Possible changes to look forward to are Section D moving to the start of the form (to pre-empt Section B errors) and more gender-neutral terminology. As of May, there was concern the form would have to be expanded to seven pages, but they are working hard to maintain the six-page status quo.

Exports and Imports – The turmoil of who controls the import and export of conventional firearms continues. While this change, proposed during the Obama administration, has been in the pipeline a while and the rules have been in place for more than a year, no one has pulled the trigger yet. This change will move control of most conventional firearms from the USML list controlled by the Department of Defense to the Commerce Department BIS section. Congress and the Administration have slowed things down and the various departments are still wrangling. This move would reduce fees for companies importing or exporting conventional firearms and would eliminate fees for many gunsmiths. Additionally, many firearms accessories will not require an export license. In addition, it will streamline the licensing process and reduce the time it takes to get a license.

Selling in IllinoisRemember the electronic record-keeping requirement begins in less than 4 months. Please take action early to avoid non-compliance. Check this link to see what is required. We can help you get up and running very quickly, but, depending on how many firearms you have in stock, it may take you some time to get your part done.

Selling in Alabama – As of July 22, 2019, you must conduct a NICS check on all transfers to an unlicensed person, even if they have an unexpired Alabama Permit to Carry Pistol in Vehicle or Concealed on Person (CCP) permit. This is because some county sheriffs have issued CCP permits without completing a full NICS check, resulting in firearms being transferred to felons and other prohibited individuals, in violation of federal law. See the full text here.

Economic Impact of the Firearms and Ammunition Industry – Need some supporting evidence for the economic impact of the firearms industry to the US economy? These numbers from the NSSF’s Firearms and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report | 2018 provide significant insights. You are part of a $51 billion dollar business, employing 310,908 people, paying taxes of $6.78 billion dollars. No small economic contribution. And, those jobs pay an average of $49,749 annually.

An interesting tidbit, our own home state of Minnesota, ranks in the top ten in 4 of the 6 economic impact categories. Check the full report for more information and details on your state. And, remember to let you elected officials know what an important economic contributor our industry is.

Subcontract Manufacturers – We are seeing more enforcement of an old regulation, ATF Ruling 2009-5 as it regards Non-marking Variance. We all are familiar with a marking variance – if I manufacture a firearm for you, under you name, I need a marking variance to put your name on the firearm.

The Non-Marking Variance takes place when you, as the manufacturer, send a firearm to me for a manufacturing process, say heat treating. The law and regulations say that I have to put my name on the firearm because I am a manufacturer in the building of this firearm. Obviously, none of us want that, nor, does the ATF. Hence, 2009-5.

In this case, I, as a subcontract manufacturer for you, must submit (email, fax, mail) a list of the firearms, including, my Manufacturer information (name, address, license number), your Manufacturer information (name, address, license number), a copy of both our licenses, a description of what I am going to do, the model, serial numbers of the firearms in sequential order, calibers of gauges and any other information that the ATF may require. Only once this is done can I begin my manufacturing process.

You, as the manufacturer, may find yourself out of compliance if I don’t do this. Make sure that your subcontract manufacturers comply with this ruling to avoid problems. And, if you are a subcontractor, we can automate this process for you using Easy Bound Book Pro Learn more. We can generate the “paperwork” that you can email to the ATF to comply with 2009-5 when you enter the receipt of the firearms and serial numbers from your contracting manufacturer.

Excise Tax – Remember the hassles of Firearms and Ammunition Excise Tax (FAET) last year. There are less than four months left this year to get your records in better shape. Easy Bound Book can help provide the base firearms sales information you need to make it easier (firearms sold, exempt and tax-free categories, etc.). If you are using Easy Bound Book Business, we can provide even more information, like the non-taxable items, delivery charges connected with the sale, certain advertising charges, expenses for tool and dies, warranty and so on. While we can’t fill out the form, we can provide you the information you need to fill it out with less hassle.

How To: Recording an ATF Incident

We hope it never happens, but, if you do lose or have a firearm stolen, you must file a report with the ATF (ATF Form 3310.11) within 48 hours of the discovery. Use this link to see the full instructions: Report firearms theft or loss. Here are the steps in brief:

1) Call your local law enforcement agency to report the theft of or loss. Clients (and our attorney) have said that you may have difficulty when contacting your local law enforcement agency and only reporting a loss, as no one will listen to you. Note the time and date of the call and who you talked to, you will need it for the 3310.11.

2) Call the ATF at 800-930-9275. The ATF can assist in the preparation of the 3310.11 form. ATF will help local law enforcement investigate theft and robbery incidents. The ATF will issue you a number (ATF Incident number). Record it on the 3310.11.

3) Fill out Form 3310.11 (remember it is a fillable PDF form – type the information directly into the form). Email or fax it to the ATF and keep a copy for your records.

The ATF doesn’t include this on their website, but you must enter the disposition of the firearm in your bound book. We recommend that you create a Customer or Vendor in Pro or Business or a Contact record in Lite with all your information and include the word LOST or STOLEN in the Name or Address field You will be disposing this firearm to yourself. If you have our document management option, attach a copy of the filled form to the disposition record.

HINT: Use the User Note Field to record the ATF Incident Number. For easy retrieval, type this text in front of the number, “ATF Incident”. When you are asked about it during your audit, search for “ATF Incident” or “ATF Incident*”to find all the records of lost or stolen firearms.

Here is some additional information regarding Theft/Loss in Transit on a common carrier.

If you recover a lost or stolen firearm, remember these two tasks:

  1. Contact the ATF and tell them that you have recovered the firearm.
  2. Record the Acquisition in your Easy Bound Book. The ATF will help you enter the recovery correctly in your Bound Book.

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