Introducing our most explosive new product – Easy Bound Book EXPLOSIVES – record-keeping for your federal explosives license (FEL)!

  • Fast, easy-to-use, accurate, ATF compliant record-keeping
  • Easy Bound Book Explosives works for Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Permittees and Defense Contractors, (including Destructive Devices)
  • Easy Bound Book works for anyone who handles explosives whether theatrical flash powder, fireworks, black powder, blasting agents, low explosive or high explosives, including serialized destructive devices
  • Designed with input from the ATF, IOIs, our attorney (Mark Barnes) and our clients
  • Great management reporting while maintaining all required DSMTs, Acquisitions, Dispositions and internal use
  • Exceeds all ATF record-keeping requirements for FELs
  • No variance required
  • Keep records for multiple FELs and locations
  • Reliable daily backup on your site or in the cloud

And, it can be fully integrated with accounting and manufacturing software.

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Enhancements, Improvements and Added Features

We are constantly working to make Easy Bound Book the best product it can be, and many of our changes are suggestions from our customers. Here are some of the latest and greatest:

Prevent duplicate serial numbers
Dashboard summary of transactions and late posting
Alerts for late acquisition or disposition entry
Undo accidental acquisition
Auto-convert receiver to firearm in one transaction
AFMER report data
FET tax report calculation data
Track firearm location
Federal excise tax tracking
Email notification for downloadsN/AN/A
Multi-gun – autofill 3310 4 formOptional
ATF form 6 and 6A – monitor purchase against approved quantityOptional
State restrictions for certain firearmsOptional
Inventory reconciliation (book to firearm, firearm to book, book to ERP)Optional

In Their Words …

“Moving from a hard copy bound book to Easy Bound Book Lite was a terrific decision. We wanted an A & D solution that was quick to implement and easy to use for multiple users and EBB has been that for us and more. The support team follows up with us quickly and all issues are thoroughly addressed, moreover, the team takes time to clarify when we have questions ensuring we use the system as it is intended.
I love the flexibility that EBB gives us. With it being a web-based solution, I can work at any desk or work out of the office and get the information I need as long as I’m connected to the internet. The fact that we don’t have to reinstall the software when we get a new computer makes our lives a lot easier too.

EBB saves us money. Our labor costs have reduced because we spend very little time hand writing product information. Before EBB we tracked all products by hand. In some cases, we would keep that product for several years causing us to hand write the same information over 500 times within a 5-year period of time. Now we key inventory into EBB one time and the system keeps track of it for life of the product. 
With EBB we can trust our data. Since eliminating hand written tracking there’s a much less likely chance for errors. We haven’t gone through our ATF audit since implementing EBB but, I know this will reduce our audit time as there is much less to look through and greater consistency with our data.

Overall, we are getting a great value from EBB and the team is great to work with. I would recommend them to any company looking for a more flexible, easy to use A & D solution.”

– Márcia Reed, Manager, Reed’s Indoor Range

3rd Quarter 2018

In This Issue:

+ NEW: Easy Bound Book EXPLOSIVES™

+ Enhancements, Improvements and Added Features

+ Upcoming Industry Events

+ In Their Words

“Easy Bound Book is the most user-friendly A & D system I’ve ever used. Implementing this software is simple and the EBB team’s training got us up and running in no time. The one thing that sets EBB apart from the rest is their team and immediate service. I give them 5 stars! They’re very helpful and attentive and the product is superior to anything else.”

– George Contreras, Owner, The Range Pistol Club

Mark Barnes Explosives Seminar – October 24-25

NSSF Suppliers Showcase – January 21 & 22, 2019

NSSF Shot Show 2019 – January 22-25, 2019 **

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“I have looked at a number of A & D systems and EBB is my favorite! It’s a seamless system and is hands down the best out there. The support team goes over and above to accommodate us. Recently, we transitioned to EBB’s cloud version, EBB Lite, and converted a fairly large number of firearms. Not only did the support team help us, but the response time was unmatched. If we have an issue, they rectify it quickly. EBB is truly phenomenal software that I would recommend to anyone.”

– Travis Napier, Assistant Manager, The Range Pistol Club

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