March 2020

In This Issue:+ Announcing Easy 4473
+ ATF Approved Software?
+ ATF Ruling 2016-1 & Easy Bound Book®
Easy Bound Book President Ron Ketterling meets with officials from the ATF at their booth at the recent Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Announcing Easy 4473

Reduce your risk of ATF Audit Violations

Many of you have asked about an electronic 4473 integrated to Easy Bound Book® Lite. Well, that day is here!

Your customer fills out Part A. As you fill out Parts B & D, Easy 4473 creates the disposition in Easy Bound Book Lite. When you certify the transfer, Easy 4473 commits the disposition. All that’s left is to post the Disposition to the Bound Book. If the customer purchased multiple guns in the five day period, Easy Bound Book has the 3301.4 form filled out for you to email to the ATF.

7 Ways Easy 4473 Helps You

Concerned about ATF audits? Most FFLs are One in three audits in 2018 resulted in reports of violations or worse. Eight of the top ten reasons for ATF violations were for record-keeping. These violations are errors on ATF Form 4473, timely recording Bound Book transactions and the multi-gun sale reporting. Easy 4473 and Easy Bound Book can help you avoid these violations.

  1. 1. Speed up customer completion. Easy 4473 (electronic 4473 or e4473) helps you speed up and reduce errors for your customers as they fill out Part A of ATF Form 4473.
  2. 2. Eliminate common errors. Easy 4473 will let your applicants know they have missed a question before they sign the form and before they give it to you to review. You spend less time telling customers they missed a field.
  3. 3. Speed up ATF 4473 review. Easy 4473 highlights errors or “wrong” answers so you don’t miss approve a transfer you shouldn’t approve.
  4. 4. Increase firearm accuracy Part D. Easy 4473 checks Easy Bound Book to make sure the firearm is available and fills the firearm information accurately.
  5. 5. Creates Disposition in Easy Bound Book. Easy 4473 enters the Disposition in your Bound Book so that all you have to do is check the accuracy and post it to the Bound Book.
  6. 6. Checks for multiple gun sales. Easy 4473 checks for multiple gun sales within the five day window and fills an ATF form 3310.4 if it finds multiple purchases. All you do is finalize it and email it to the ATF.
  7. 7. Sign electronically. Easy 4473 allows you and your customer to sign electronically with a touch screen, or, you can force paper signatures.

And there you have it – a solution to eight of the most cited violations from ATF audits. Easy 4473 is available as an add-on to Easy Bound Book Lite for as little as $10 per month. Sorry, Easy 4473 is not yet available for Pro :>(

Click here today to see how Easy 4473 and Easy Bound Book® can help you avoid ATF audit violations.

ATF Approved Software?

We are frequently asked the question, “Has the ATF approved your electronic bound book software?” The simple answer is, “The ATF doesn’t approve software.” The ATF regulates firearms, not software. If someone says their software is ATF approved, ask to see a copy of their letter from the ATF.

A more important question is, “Is your software ATF compliant?” ATF Ruling 2016-1 lists 14 conditions that you must meet to keep your FFL Acquisitions and Dispositions electronically. Only half the conditions apply to the software alone. The other conditions are requirements for the licensee, although the software helps with many of them. Check the next article to see how Easy Bound Book® meets the conditions.

We meet with the ATF and our attorney regularly to make sure that Easy Bound Book® meets these conditions for electronic ATF record keeping best practices, but the ultimate test is when the ATF audits you. Using Easy Bound Book®, not one of the audits experienced by our clients have resulted in a violation. Just as importantly, the time to complete the audit has been reduced.

So, is our software ATF approved? You already know the answer if you read the opening. Easy Bound Book® is compliant and fulfills the software requirements of ATF Ruling 2016-1 and other related regulations.

ATF Ruling 2016-1 & Easy Bound Book®

Yes, the ATF allows electronic bound books. However, they have a number of conditions that you and the software must meet to be compliant. The latest ruling for electronic A&D record keeping is ATF Ruling 2016-1. (Click here for the full text of ATF Ruling 2016-1.) Your timeliness requirements for recording acquisitions and dispositions don’t change, but the amount of time you spend doing them will certainly decrease.

Here is a brief recap of how Easy Bound Book® meets the conditions of ATF Ruling 2016-1. (See the first article for the answer to “Is Easy Bound Book ATF approved?”) Remember, many of these conditions apply to you, the FFL, not the software. Some are software specific, but all of them require your thoughtful participation in the process.