Latest Versions of Easy Bound Book™

Did you know that we offer three versions to fit your needs and wants; in the cloud, on your PC, or on your network – we offer the utmost in flexibility to help you fulfill your needs.

  • Easy Bound Book Lite™ – Meets your basic compliance needs for entry, reporting and then some, in the cloud, accessible from anywhere by mobile phone, tablet or PC. Great for startups or small FFLs – but not limited to size, we have Lite users with tens of thousands of records.
  • Easy Bound Book Pro™ – All your compliance needs, plus copies of documents with every transaction, shipping manifests, UPC, product barcodes, conversion of one firearm to another and more. In the cloud or on your premise, accessible from anywhere by mobile phone, tablet or PC. Great for large and small FFLs who want to keep all their ATF records in one place – not limited by size; we have users with millions of records.
  • Easy Bound Book Integrated™ – All the features of Pro, plus management of all your accounting, importing, manufacturing and distribution requirements with the top mid-market ERP software; with more than 130,000 installations. Integrated keeps your bound book while you manage your business. No more time consuming manual bound book or accounting entry. Great for companies who want better accounting, better import, manufacturing and distribution control, whether large or small FFL – not limited by number of users, we have customers with 1 to 100 or more users with millions of records.

Check our Feature Comparison to see which product is right for your FFL.

Why Attend the Shot Show and Suppliers Show Case?

If you haven’t’ attended the Shot Show and/or Suppliers Show Case, you are really missing an amazing opportunity. While this was only the second year the Suppliers Show Case was offered, there were 453 vendors demonstrating their products at last month’s show. If you are in the manufacturing industry, this really should be a must attend event for you in 2019.

And while the Shot Show itself is more oriented toward the retailers, it’s worth the visit since you will already be there, and since they are on different days you can attend both comfortably. If you are selling products to the industry, this is an event you should really consider attending
as a vendor.

The Shot Show is not oriented toward the general public and they are doing a good job of screening out non-industry attendees to keep it industry focused.

There is so much more to the Shot Show and Suppliers Show Case than you can imagine. We hope you’ll consider attending next year, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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1st Quarter 2018

In This Issue:

+ Latest Versions of Easy Bound Book™

+ If ATF Audits make you cringe, read about Tracking Points’ experience using Easy Bound Book™.

+ ATF Updates from the Shot Show

+ Why Attend the Shot Show and Supplier’s Showcase?

ATF Updates from the Shot Show

For the past several years, Easy Bound Book™’s president, Ron Ketterling, has been invited to sit in on an industry panel hosted by the ATF. While there were no ground breaking announcements made this year, it is clear that the ATF is working hard at modernizing systems to make everyone’s jobs easier. It’s a long, painful process sometimes, but they are making progress. Automated ATF bound book systems are a big part of making everyone’s job easier, and we are excited that they are so open to helping all of us improve this important record keeping process.

Tired of duplicating your entries in your bound book? Find out what Bobby from CGS found with Easy Bound Book™.

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