Are you looking for the best electronic ATF explosives record-keeping for your explosives license?
Look no further.

  • Fast, easy-to-use, accurate, ATF compliant record-keeping
  • Easy Bound Book Explosives works for Importers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Permittees and Defense Contractors.
  • Easy Bound Book works for anyone who handles explosives whether theatrical flash powder, fireworks, black powder, blasting agents, low explosive or high explosives.
  • Designed with input from the ATF, IOIs, our attorney (Mark Barnes) and our clients
  • Great management reporting while maintaining all required DSMTs, Acquisitions and Dispositions.
  • Exceeds all ATF record-keeping requirements for FELs
  • No variance required
  • Keep records for multiple FELs and locations
  • Reliable daily backup to your site or in the cloud

Can be fully integrated with accounting and manufacturing software


Data is centralized, but available at the magazine

Management reports & dashboards

  • All explosives inventory in stock
  • Quantity & explosive weight by Item, by Magazine and by Date-Shift or Lot code
  • Dashboard for magazines over weight limit

Staff benefits

  • Easily locate any item in any magazine
  • Easily locate any Date-Shift code or Lot in any magazine
  • Data available on tablet, phone or print to paper
  • Easily move explosives from one magazine to another
  • Store all documents (import documents, permits, certificates or anything else) with the item, lot or transaction
  • Fast, easy access to all in-stock (or disposed) inventory for better customer service
  • Export all data to Excel, Word, CSV or other format

ATF reports

  • DSMT (Daily Summary of Magazine Transactions
    • Today summary for current inventory by Item and Magazine
    • Today summary for current inventory by Item, Magazine and Date-Shift code or Lot
    • Historical detail by day for audits by Item and Magazine
  • Historical detail by day for audits by Item, Magazine and Date-Shift code or Lot
  • Inventory by Item by Magazine by Date-Shift for easy audits and reconciliation
  • Acquisitions from others
  • Acquisitions from manufacturing
  • Dispositions to others
  • Dispositions to manufacturing (where multiple explosives are combined into another explosive)
  • Dispositions to testing
  • Adjustments for inventory discrepancies

Integrated with Easy Bound Book for dual-regulated items with serial numbers and date-shift code/lot codes

Special features for manufacturers

  • Automatically dispose of multiple explosives used in manufacturing another explosive (rockets, missiles, tank shells, etc.)
  • Automatically acquire complex items into inventory
  • Acquire manufactured items made from inert ingredients (even track usage of inert ingredients)
  • Store any manufacturing document with the Acquisition

Technical Stuff

  • In the cloud or on your server
  • Tablets, phone, desktop or laptop computer entry and inquiry
  • Modern technology
  • Microsoft SQL database
  • Easily personalized to your users’ needs.

Can be fully integrated into accounting and manufacturing software