Near the top of most federal firearms licensee’s (FLL’s) goals is acing an ATF audit. By taking a look at the most-cited violations in ATF audits, you can see that the most frequently cited violations are related to ATF recordkeeping. Here are a couple of the most common violations and what you can do to avoid them.

Violation 1: Failure to timely record entries in the bound record (Acquisition and Disposition Book)

This mistake is usually just a misunderstanding. Perhaps you don’t know the laws or you put the wrong date in the records. Perhaps you are just bad at paperwork or your employees are not paying attention to detail. When it comes to keeping your A&D book, details matter. Using an automated A&D bound book removes many of the opportunities for error and can help keep you and your staff follow the processes correctly.

Violation 2: Failure to complete ATF forms correctly

Generally, forms that have mistakes are the A&D bound book, the ATF Form 4473, and the ATF Form 3310. Often these mistakes are as simple as not including a full middle name. But sometimes, these mistakes occur because you or your employees don’t fully know the laws’ requirements. You need to know the laws when you are handling firearms and you also need to be diligent in filling out and keeping your ATF records. Putting the best process in place to record and keep the A&D book solves the majority of ATF audit violations.

Test your knowledge of ATF recordkeeping.  Watch our video, Electronic Bound Book: Truth or Fiction.