A few months ago we shared our latest Easy Bound Book success story with you on Atlantic Firearms. A few weeks after that, they were audited by the ATF.

According to a company Responsible Party, “The audit was spotless with zero violations. The ATF came in on Monday with three agents and scanned all 6,000 firearms in inventory in two days (with a little help from our staff). They were validating data on Wednesday morning. The whole audit was wrapped up with the final closing conference on Friday.”

“The last audit, before barcodes and Easy Bound Book, took five agents three weeks to enter all the physical inventory serial numbers, then another week with three agents to complete the audit to the final closing conference on the fourth Friday. The ATF IOIs were very happy.”

All in all, it only took 15 man days with Easy Bound Book inventory reconciliation and scanning compared to 90 man days and four weeks of IOIs in the warehouse when done manually. This is a significant reduction in business impact and the hazard of having visitors in the warehouse. That is an 83% reduction in man hours and a 75% reduction in business impact.