As an FLL, part of your ATF recordkeeping is the completion of form 4473. If you rely on the buyer to complete the information and don’t check it thoroughly, you may find mistakes in the process. There are some simple questions to ask during each transaction to ensure accurate records.

  1. Have you checked every item? Make sure the Form 4473 has been completed fully with nothing left blank.
  2. Does the information match? Be sure that the information provided by the buyer’s documentation matchs what is written on Form 4473.
  3. Is everything legible? If the form is being filled out manually, poor handwriting can be an issue. You also need to check to see that copies of the buyer’s documents are legible.

ATF recordkeeping is easier when you use electronic bound book software like Easy Bound Book™. All firearms transactions are entered and recorded into the system. This software will ensure that all of the data requirements are met.

Find out how easy it is to enter dispositions with Easy Bound Book™ by watching this Video Demo of Easy Bound Book.