Magnum Research was opening a new manufacturing facility and wanted to automate their ATF Log Book (bound book). As an importer, manufacturer, and distributor working out of two locations, they are required to maintain five ATF bound books. They needed to establish and follow reporting guidelines for every possible scenario, and any system needed to be approved by the ATF. Failure to be in compliance could result in jail time.

“This was an unusual project for us,” recalled Ron Ketterling, President of BASM. “It tapped into our automation and systems expertise by having us properly identify and then document, each scenario and related processes Magnum Research would use to be in compliance with the ATF Book regulations.  This was our first foray into the ATF regulated world of firearms back in 2008/2009.  It turned out to be a great opportunity.” Magnum Research’s attorney, Mark Barnes, was successful in getting an ATF variance to keep five separate ATF log books in a single database.  This significantly simplified the ATF bound book process for Magnum Research.

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