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Summary of the new Illinois Firearms Dealer License Certification

We hope this summary helps you sort through the new law. The rules have not been published yet, so some steps in the certification process may change between now and the end of the 180 days (July 17, 2019) from the effective date of the law. Some other provisions take effect January 2, 2020 and January 2, 2021. Click here for a full copy of the law. We have referenced the section in the law where these summaries come from.

We are not offering legal advice. Consult your legal counsel to determine which sections of the law apply to your business and the date by which you must comply.

Following these 12 Steps should get your certificate of license from Department within 30 days of submitting all documentation – Section 5-10

Three important definitions from Section 5-5:

  • Department means the Department of State Police
  • Inventory means firearms in the possession of an individual or entity for sale or transfer
  • Retail Location means a store open to the public to sell or transfer firearms

Licensing and Requirements

1. What you need to get your certification – deadline July 17, 2019:

  • File a copy of your Federal Firearms License with the Department – Section 5-10
  • All Business names (trade, business, assumed names) – Section 5-15(i)
  • Business address (not a PO Box)
  • Type of ownership or operation
  • Name of the owner
    • Sole Proprietor – your name and address
    • Partnership – names and addresses of each partner and name of partnership
    • Corporation – Name, address of record and title of each corporate officer and each owner of more than 5% and corporate name and state of incorporation

Other Requirements

2. Conspicuous sign with three prohibited actions (printable sign provided by Department) – Section 5-20(b)

3. Don’t be within 500 feet of restricted facilities – Section 5-20(c)

4. At least 2 hours of training annually for employees regarding legal requirement and responsible business practices – Section 5-30

5. Have place of business open for inspection during all hours of operation (no more than one unannounced inspection per year). Make all records and firearms available for inspection on request of inspector – Section 5-30

6. Submit affidavit stating each owner, employee or agent who sells or transfers firearms is (none of this information is subject to disclosure under Freedom of Information Act) – Section 5-40:

  • 21 years of age
  • Has a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card (FOIC)
  • Has completed required training
  • Name and FOIC number of each of the above individuals
  • Provide the above information within 30 days of new owner, employee or agent<

7. Video Surveillance system – January 2, 2021 – Section 5-50

  • Of critical areas of business including all firearm storage, sales, handling and entrance areas –Section 5-50(a)
  • Sign (printable, provided by Department of State Police) “THESE PREMISES ARE UNDER VIDEO SURVEILLANCE. YOUR IMAGE MAY BE RECORDED.” – Section 5-50(b)
  • Retain recordings (video and any sound recorded) for minimum of 90 days

8. Business connected to an alarm monitoring system or service that will notify the local law enforcement of unauthorized intrusion – Section 5-50(c)

9. Safe storage including – Section 5-55

  • Locks
  • Exterior lighting
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Alarm systems
  • Other anti-theft measures and practices
  • Plan for safe storage of firearms and ammunition during retail and after closing hours. Submit for approval to Department

10. Electronic-based record system – tracking all changes in firearms inventory January 2, 2020 – Section 5-55

  • Sales and purchases recorded within 24 hours of transaction
  • Shipments from manufacturers or wholesalers recorded within five days of receipt or 24 hours of being unpacked and placed in inventory, whichever is earlier

11. Pay the fee (not more than $300 without a retail location or $1,500 with a retail location) – Section 5-70

12. Retention of records as required by 27 CFR 478.129 – ATF Regulations  Section 5-80

Other regulations

1. Photo copy buyer or transferee’s valid photo ID and attach it to documentation detailing the record of sale – Section 5-20(a)

2. You may not collect more than $10 per firearm for transfers at your place of business – Section 15-5(a-1)

3. Ammunition sales – Section 15-(b-5) – two forms of Identification

  • FOIC OR valid concealed carry license AND
  • Illinois Driver’s License OR Illinois State Identification Card
    • i.Ammunition may be shipped only to an address on either of these two documents